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Full Version: Free Preview of my book (C&C appreciated)
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A Clean, Regenerate Poem

(Sep 17, 2013, 15:04)Don Schaeffer Wrote: [ -> ]A Clean, Regenerate Poem

Reviewed by Alex Nodopaka October 13, 2013

Alex Nodopaka , conceived in Ukraine & first exhibitionist show in 1940 Russia. Finger-painted in Austria, 1946 doodled & sketched since. Studied tongue-in-cheek at the Ecole des Beaux Arts, Casablanca, Morocco, 1958. Since 1959 lives in the USA where he is a full time artist, art instructor, art judge, self-appointed art critic and pretends to write poetry.

Schaeffer's book, A Clean Regenerate Poem, is undoubtedly an original in many ways. The literary work combines story-telling essays, artwork and poetry. The author is an accomplished artist in all three crafts. He transitions from one craft into the other as if it were an Olympic ice-skating rink performance. He switches gracefully from one character to another leading us smartly as if we were part of the team.

The author achieves a literary tour de force. Not only Mr. Schaeffer's writing attains literary grace but creates an entertaining read for adults as well as a mind expanding piece of literature for teenagers. He demonstrates stylishly how prose glides into poetry and poetry into art and vice versa. Much of the writing is spiritually uplifting as the author craftily imbues into his characters his professional background in psychology and philosophy and a keen scientific observing eye.