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What is the next camera-related accessory you will be purchasing?
Filters, lenses, tripod, flash, card reader, eyecup, flash-memory, cleaning cloth, bag, software, other?

For me, I'm looking to buy this PCMCIA Compact flash adaptor. Or this one Ultra

Will it be faster that my USB 1.1 card reader? If so, then I need this, many good photo-moments happen when you can't take pictures (because memory card in use hehe)

I've lost my eyecup a few months ago, but do not think I will be replacing it soon.
I think I'll also be getting some flash-memory (next year), followed by a flash and some lenses.

So many things to get, so little money.
I admit these things are not neccessary, and I could do with what I have now (I am contentSmile) but wouldn't mind having those Tongue
Hey I lost the eyecup on my EOS 300 as well... Sad

I think I'll definitely get more memory, or maybe a portable image tank drive. I don't think I can survive another long trip with my 256 mb card! Smile

Also on my list is a 55mm polarising filter for my Fuji S5000.
YEah ...
my next two purchases will probably be a 50mm F./1.8 prime lens and a polarising filter..
ill get it once my next pay comes thru ..tuesday ^__^

hopefully adam can get me a 2gb microdrive n some spare batts as well ..

btw..which one would be better to use a polirising filter .. a circular polariser ... or a circular HMC polariser ?
The best for a digital? HMC circ.
Personally though, the non-multi-coated ones are good enough. Must be circular though.....
yeah .. the HMC cost double ..
so its wirth the extra bit to buy the circular one ?
It won't work with a linear one; I think Smile
ohh wellz...
there goes my fortnights pay on camera equipment ~_~

wish my pay for a fortnight could get me a L series ..
I'm looking for other things I 'need' from that website, to try and take advantage of free postage Tongue Peter.. need anything? lol
which website ? ...
i know im looking at getting the 50mm 1.8 ...
This one: PCMCIA Compact Flash Adaptor
If you order 3 or more things, got special on postage Wink heh! but really want to know if PCMCIA cardreader speed in comparison to USB1.1, USB2.0 and firewire Smile
Someone please answer for me Smile
google it ... like you always do ^^
Just looking through Mrgadget.com.au to see what else I 'need' (haha, funny right? trying to go through to see what I 'need') so I can take advantage of free postage for ordering 3 items or more (only know 1 item at the moment) *hint* peter: need anything? lol

I came across this:
SmartDisk Flashtrax
A portable hard disk which can play mp3s, watch videos, look at pictures, and has built in card readers! wahahah! portable storage Big Grin~~ nice
even can view textfiles, it's almost like a computer Tongue haha!
Nice interesting gadget, but not enough money for that at the moment (laptop will have to do for now), but still so nice Smile
Or this one Vosonic VP300 X-drive pro! cheaper, and 40gb! the main difference I would think is that you can't preview the pictures, but 40gb!!! you wouldn't need to preview with that much Tongue
So many nice things to have! (which I can't afford) lol Smile
uhauha ..
im thinking of getting the cup warmer ..
looks cool ..
ill have a peek after dinner to see if i want anything ..
I would love to get a portable HDD but I'll probably jsut et a laptop (most likely a iBook)
Portasble hard drives are wicked ..since they are more power effective for storage ..
however .. i reakon .. save a bit more and buy a Laptop .. thats the way to go ...

If onli more things in this world were free ..
If only Every thing was free =)
My Next Purchase i have decided ..
will be ....

*Drum Rollllll*
*Sybol Crash + Short Drum Fill*


*gets dizzy*
im sure the same goes for the other university people out there ..
wish i had some excuse to go buy Photo books ..
I also have some uni textbooks to get, I think I'll borrow most from the library but have to get the thermodynamics one, chemistry one and vb.net one, each is over $100!!!! That money could be used to buy accessories... but if I use them right, pass and graduate, I can get more money (hopefully). I'll think of it as an investment Tongue
I htink i need to buy it myself ..
last time i didnt buy them ..
when i needed to find some info its areal pain in the ass ..any way.. this is a bit off the topic here ..
so we''ll talk about this somewhere else next time ^^
The quantity myth.

Never buy lenses 'cos they look cool, especially if you arent rich!

I bought a 28-135 I.S. about 18 months ago. Heavy. Uses extra battery power.
Optics average, usability average, cost? High!

Option? 28-105 or 24-85 and a TRIPOD.
Failing the tripod bit, then a tree, a bench, the floor, etc etc.
The pics are much nicer.

We are too ready, (you and I), to buy when it seems good, looks good, feels good, or has credibility appeal.
Doesnt mean it is good.
Watch out!!
Yeah i know ...
So short on money these days ...
yet .. im still wanting to buy the DiMAGE Xg ...

*Pulls his hair out*

has anyone played with the Xg yet ?
Thanks Rufus for the warning!
I don't have much money but the cool looking things always get my attention (but aren't neccessarily that good!)
Oh, BTW, I have a 20g X-Drive. Big Grin

Jolly little tool. It'll be humming tomorrow, at the wedding. (Saturday 24th)
What do you do for extra power ?
Having heaps of memory is great..
but if your battery runs down first. .
not that great ...
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