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Full Version: sunsets
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Does anybody have any tips for shooting sunsets?
I've shot some before that came out really nicely, and some that don't.
Today, there was a really nice orange one outside, orange clouds and you could see the sun lining the clouds, i went outside to shoot it, took a few pictures, but then the sky looked white instead of blue and you couldnt really see the orange much. Then i walked to the end of my street so it doesnt look like im spying on my neighbours, but by the time I got there, it was gone.
Graduated Neutral Density filter is great for sunset photography
Okay, thankyou, I'll look more into that Smile
I haven't taken the time to work on the technique yet, but I think it's probably in the metering. If you're seeing white instead of orange, then maybe try a couple of F-stops lower... Smile
I'm looking at the websites now.
Tried again today at King's park Smile
It seems that either I expose the sky correctly and have the land underexposed or expose the land (trees, ground, grass, everything) correctly and have sky overexposed, but can't have both at once - then as suggested by lemangoholic, to use a graduated ND filter, which I haven't tried yet, but will soon Smile
Thank you again for those websites, just read them Smile
Now got a few things to try for next time I shoot a sunset Smile
No worries adam... miss the sunset at King's park and Mill Point... do share the photos when you shoot them Smile
[Image: sunset-o.jpg]
heres the sunset from kings park ..we sorta missed it by about 5 minutes..so it was just dissapearding over the horizon ...
[Image: sunset.jpg]
tried to make the colours a bit more vibrant..but i think i overdid it with this one ..
Love your sunset photos Smile Maybe a suggestion would be to have something more interesting sihlouetted against the horizon...

A few plastic giraffes maybe? Big Grin
Nice pictures Peter! I was out with two other guys at Kings park shooting the same thing Wink

Also maybe resize the pictures a bit Wink
Next time I'll carry some plastic toys with me!
About 4 years ago when we were driving back from Melbourne, I had a chicken-run figurine from hungry jacks which I used as a model for different places we went Smile Must find that collection Smile haha

Here's a picture I took last week at South Perth while waiting for ball-people to come (and they didn't come....).
I didn't have my tripod out,so I used the picnic table.
[Image: CRW_6587%20(Medium).jpg]
It's a bit crooked and you can see some grass in the foreground Smile haha
OO nice.. .what mean people leaving u there ... huahuah
I like that south perth pic as well... very nice!!! I love the way the sihlouette of the building stand out against the orange sky...

It's quite interesting to see all the lights off in the buildings; in Melbourne, most buildings leave their lights on for security...
Alot of the lights were probably actually on ..
its just that from that distance. .. since the sky is illuminated ... the sky is relatively much brighter than the lights inside the building ..
so when adam prolli AE locked o nthe sky .. (which he likes doing alot)
it prolli made the lightins in the builting un noticeable ..
which is cool either way!

Hey adam .. lets go shoot the sunrise b4 uni one day ..
Nice shots adam and peter...
After seeing those photos, kinda miss South Perth... and Subi, Cottlesloe, Kwinana Esplanade Sad
If you have a tripod you could trip AE lock the sky. Then the other shot you could AE lock the Land. Then Post process and merge them together. Heheheh i dunno if it is a good technique or not. Just an idea that popped into my head. :p
Sounds like a good idea Smile expose one, then expose the other, then put it together Smile
I've kept some of the pictures where I've done that, but haven't put it together.
Have a lot of overexposed skies which turn out white and I can add fake skies, or just use a real sky from another picture Tongue
whooo ..go the canon photo sttching .. that very interesting hey .. that would give you good detail as long as the photosmatch ^^