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Full Version: confetti
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if I create a mono image in Photoshop CS3 how can I re-instate the coloured confetti.
I have the files as jpeg and RAW.I would prefer not to individually select each piece of confetti. I have searched the web but not found any advice yet.
Thanks all
Better perhaps, if you posted the pic in question. Quick Selection Tool, is a possibility. Ed.
Selelect your photo. Copy and paste as a new image then make it mono
Then paste on top of the original as a new layer.
You will now have two layers, colour on bottom, mono on top
Use the Eraser tool to erase through the mono the bits you want coloured
I think its called "Color Popping"
For quick selection tool, Read, Magic Wand, sorry. Ed.
In Layers, try the Blending Options. Have never used in B&W Ed.
Thanks all useful info particularly reference to colour popping which I have googled and got lots of options. Not found a method yet that does not involve individual selecton of confetti but still looking