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Full Version: Photoshop CS5
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I have been using CS5 since it came out. I am a retired amateur photography without a large budget.

What benefits would I gain from upgrading to the latest version of photoshop. The problem is that all magazines only appear to include advise on the latest version and I find it difficult to determine what part of the article only applies to versions after CS5.
The problem is the latest Photoshop CC is a subscription service with monthly or annual fees. Not tried it but also recall it might need an internet connection?

I looked to Lightroom but was unconvinced for me. I'm very happy with CS6 is you can get a copy as it has a very similar feature set to CC (that I am interested in.) Because of that similarity, magazine articles for CC still apply OK and I have only noticed a small number of functions that are not there. Presumably that will be more so as time progresses but again for me, CS6 is very comprehensive.

Also getting very excited about DXO Opticspro. I saw it at an exhibition and got a Christmas special deal from their website. Work really well with raw and for my use has similar feature set to Lightroom.

Dear Dave,

Thanks for your comments. As I thought the problems with CC is that for amateur or low volume users a monthly charge becomes an expensive luxury. So, for me, the question is "is it of any benefit to upgrade to CS6 or stay with CS5" moving to CC is not an option.

The original post mentioned the last PS which is CC. The advantages or otherwise of the last local (disk based) version CS6 can be found here


and here


I use Corel Paintshop Pro x6. Although I am only now getting to grips with photo editing myself, a lot of my friends use Corel Painthop pro and say it is the same as photoshop but a lot cheaper. You might want to look into that first as Adobe is not cheap.

Corel PaintShop Pro is a very good image processing software suite, and for a tiny fraction of the cost of Photoshop CS - certainly worth seriously considering by any amateur photographer.

I recently switch from cs5 to cs6, but only because I was forced to to get support for the raw files from my 7DII. No real benefit in the swap to my eyes so far.