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Hi All
new to all this.
I have a fujifilm s6800 for my first camera is this a good camera to start with ?


Hello fingers,

Welcome to the forums! It is nice to meet you!

I have not personally used the Fujifilm S6800 camera. I would suggest to take some time to use the camera and play around with it to see how you like it. Also, feel free to post some of your pictures here in the forums for the members to provide guidance and suggestions which may be helpful for you.

If you really enjoy photography, then getting started with any type of camera is good (at least in my opinion). I started with a point and shoot camera. I am now working with a Rebel SL1 and taking my photography adventure to another level. The main thing is that I really enjoy photography and it is a hobby in which I can always make new strides in.

What specifically are you needing help with? So, we can provide you with more precise information.
Welcome mate, as I am not using Fuji camera so cant give you a perfect opinion on its performance. I am using Nikon and quite happy with its performance.
That's a great camera to begin in photography with, long lens (720mm), good ISO range and a decently fast shot to shot speed. I've owned several Fuji's and never been disappointed in them.

welcome to the Hobby.