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Full Version: Galapagos trio
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Hi all

Here are selected shots - two from Galapagos and a hummingbird from Archidona on the mainland.

I am gradually posting images from my recent visit to Ecuador and you are invited to visit there:


where you will see already images from North Seymour Island especially frigate birds in all their splendour, Isabella Island with its boobies and giant tortoises, Quito and more. I will be building up the albums there to cover the entirety of the trip over the next weeks and months. As predicted, Selling Travel magazine are planning to publish a selection of the photos you will eventually find there. I do hope you enjoy the pictures and perhaps recall your own visits to Ecuador. Any thoughts comments or improvements would be extremely welcome.

Our visit covered, Quito, Archidona and the rain forest at Hamadrade; Galapagos Islands - Baltra, North Seymour, Isabella, Ferdinanda, Rabina, Santa Cruz; Mashpi in the cloud forest; and various points in between.

Ok, here we go...1. Frigate male, North Seymour, 2. Hummingbird on the road to Archidona, 3. Land Iguana, North Seymour.

Regards Jeff
Jeff, why not post these on Showcase? Ed.
Jeff, great shots. I really enjoyed my trip to the Galapagos. I'm not sure I would go back as there are too many other places on the bucket list, but it was a great experience.

Great series, that place is certainly on my bucket list.
Hi all, thanks for the great comments. Ed I never thought of that. Maybe I should. I'll see if there are some other striking Ecuador shots coming up. All the best, Jeff
Good set.... really good capture of the Humming bird

Kind regards

Thanks, Rolf, having seen your photos, I really value your comment. Hummingbirds fly like a quantum leap - they suddenly seem to turn up in a different spot without travelling the space in between! In this case though, the bird would hesitate and hover fractionally before entering the flower, providing a half chance for a shot. Regards, Jeff
I usually don't find lizards to be particularly expressive, but I love your second shot!
Thanks, Knox! By the way, the lizard is a land iguana, for the record! Jeff
(Feb 21, 2015, 01:21)EnglishBob Wrote: [ -> ]Great series, that place is certainly on my bucket list.

Hi English Bob. Pleased to see this area is on your wish list. Galapagos is not a place to go for landscape photography in my view as it isn't comparatively that wonderfully beautiful but surely every photographer should go there for unsurpassed wildlife opportunities. And it can be quite a wildnerness adventure too. Regards, Jeff

(Mar 23, 2015, 04:54)Freeman Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks, Knox! By the way, the lizard is a land iguana, for the record! Jeff

I was under the impression that iguanas are just the small variety - this looks almost as big as a dragon! Smile
He's over three feet long and well built with it....you may be thinking of marine iguanas which are dull grey and only maybe 18 inches long..the latter lie in piles of a hundred all over some islands, sprawling on top of each other. None of them seem to shift an inch for humans.

Here's a snap of marine iguanas...like them? Or still no?

Cheers, Jeff

Oh, I like them! They're just very stoic and seem to be unphased by everything that happens around them.

By the way, that first picture proves they're not like dragons - I'm positive that one is Godzilla.
I'm really pleased you like them. I also wish they were red or blue or something, maybe green and gold, because grey as they are, they are very hard to make a striking photograph. Most of the time they slumber, as I said in piles, randomly, across your pathway. As to the Godzilla shot...yes, still laughing about that! Isn't he gorgeous? Cheers, Jeff