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Full Version: Humour in photography?
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Hi all

Is there such a thing as photography humour? I mean some shots as they come out make me really smile. Here's one or two to show what I mean. Do they make you smile or maybe you think photography is too serious for that, having spent your lump sum on equipment and fares? Do you have any humorous photos? Please share them!

Regards and have a smiley day


PS the first shot is actually a picture of a bird sitting on the back of a giant tortoise in the wild but as I shaped up for the shot, the tortoise next behind raised up appearing to somewhat threaten the bird - the bird looks suitably concentrated! The other shot is to me absolutely priceless - the blue heron on Dragon Hill watching intently as a marine iguana lies at his feet, but tormented by the fact that it's too big to swallow - if only just! xx
Hi Jeff

Like the second better... first seems grainy/noisy/definition issues... maybe the crop is too much and the pixels are getting too stretched but the bird just seems to be even a little noisier than the rest of the image... over sharpened? Great captures though and yes... I understand the humour in both...Big Grin

Kind regards

Hi Rolf

Try a slightly wider version - good point - but glad if it made you smile! Jeff
Big Grin

Was a little pixel tearing then?

Kind regards

Well, on the site it suddenly looked huge and hugely stretched. Otherwise, yes! Cheers - do you have a humour photo, Rolf, in your bag? All yours! Jeff
This two-headed pony was photographed in an Exmoor farm, using a Fuji point & shoot camera, way back in 2007:


Wonderful - great fun - total pony eclipse! Cheers, Jeff
We were camping a few years ago in Northern California and the family next to us laid out a nice picnic table, then went for a walk, leaving it unattended..... MISTAKE!

This little guy came to lay waste to a banana, before grabbing an apple bigger than his head, and running up a tree with it!


He then returned for a Donut....


I guess I could of chased him off rather than photographing his raids... but where's the photo opportunity in that?
Tis a good job it was California... do that here in Alberta's Kananaskis Country and the squirrel would have been a bear and it would have laid more than waste! Trouble is, people would report the bear for raiding and the Wildlife people would have shot it.... like that was his fault!Huh That said, yes, you really didn't miss the opportunity that was presented and you got a good capture... Thanks for the shareSmile

Kind regards

Haha, he seems to be headed for the forks, knives and spoons, no? Well, anyway, I say hooray for the squirrel (and for the bear). Cheers, Jeff
I'm always fond of my photo of the funny lizard that looks like he just told a joke: https://500px.com/photo/73548643/l

Sorry for posting a 500px link, I know some people don't like it but I don't have it on the computer I'm on.
He definitely looks quite pleased with himself! Cheers!!! Jeff
Well, you have to look at two photos to see the funny side here I think...in fact you need to look at the second peaceful pose first, and then the sequel...oink oink...Jeff
(Mar 23, 2015, 04:50)Freeman Wrote: [ -> ]Well, you have to look at two photos to see the funny side here I think...in fact you need to look at the second peaceful pose first, and then the sequel...oink oink...Jeff

I did not notice that Homer was in this shot until after I reviewed a series of shots taken at the Morris Stampede.
I was concentrating on the bull.
I tagged it "DHOPE!!"Tongue

PS: Forgot to post camera info:

Nikon D7100
Nikkor AF-S 70-300MM F4.5-5.6 G ED VR
@ 300MM 1/1000/ F8 / ISO 280
What an incredible shot! And what was Homer doing there?!!! He seems to be thrust forward on a stick....this shot should be in the animals competition this month in my view - maybe some of the other shots too. All the best, Jeff
Am I dreaming, or what? Taken today (f5.6 400mm 1/649 ISA 400)

Have a good day!


It's an X-Wing Heron! Where's Luke?

Great Capture.
(Mar 25, 2015, 10:30)EnglishBob Wrote: [ -> ]It's an X-Wing Heron! Where's Luke?

Great Capture.

Great comment, and I agree - great shot and great fun! Big Grin

Great capture Jeff
Thanks for the comments! Does this make you smile? It's a wild giant tortoise having a bit of a giant mud bath. But is that a hint of wry smile I see there?

Cheers! Jeff