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Full Version: Panorama vr
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About to try 360 panorama vr using an 8 mm fish-eye lens mounted on my Pentax camera, the fish-eye lens is a prime lens. Any tips on how to go about producing 360 spherical vr panoramas would be greatly appreciated.
My Only experience of them is by cheating, I have a small point and shoot that has an inbuilt feature for them. Look forward to seeing your results.
As Bob, I mostly cheat when it comes to 360 panoramas and use software that does the stitching for me. However, when it comes to actually taking the photos I have noticed that it's better to shoot something that isn't close by, but farther away than 10-15 meters. That way, the stitching will work better.
I understand why things that are close do not stitch as well as those further away is due to parallax caused because the entry point (node) is not being used as the centre used when turning your camera and this is best achieved by using a panorama head on your tripod and correctly setting it up for both camera and lens being used.