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Full Version: C-mount cine lens use
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I'm experimenting with use of C-mount ex-cine lenses for still photography. Anyone done this, who can comment on the for's and against's.

Especially what is the coverage of such lenses when used with digital sensors up to APS-C size ? What is the picture quality/resolution likely to be ?

And if really useful, any recommendations ?


(For C-mount example picture see - "Door Knobs" in "Lenses for Fuji X-E1 body" discussion herein)
8mm, or 16mm lenses. Ed.
(Apr 3, 2015, 06:10)EdMak Wrote: [ -> ]Found this. Ed.


Truly a complex subject. Thanks for the info.

Any replies re: mirrorless cameras, e.g. Fuji X-E1 @ E2 ?