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Full Version: Product Photography - how do you do it?
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Every now and then, everyone puts something up for sale - I recently decided to part ways with my GoPro. I was thinking, how do you take pictures of whatever you're trying to sell? For this one, I decided to skip using the photo tent and just placed it on a table.

I used my 35mm for the shallow depth of field, bringing the focus on the subject.
Stick with the light tent... looks like a (very distracting ) nostril in the blurred centre background.... You may also like to show the whole front... a 3/4 shot leads some to wonder why? What is it they should not be seeing... buyers are mostly suspicious/cautious in accepting face value what they are shown.. Advertising what you have in a picture is supposed to be the picture that says a 1000 words... it should be clear what you are selling and rely on that, rather than demonstrating your artistic understanding of your photographic art with angles etc...? A plain background ... a curve white card or cloth works well as it shows only what you need your target audience to see - clearly and with apparent honesty... light it well and you will get interest in the item That's my opinion for what it's worth... Smile Good luck with your sale...

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Thanks for the thoughts, Rolf! I was actually trying to figure out some practical examples from you guys - this is just one picture from about 5 or 6, I've got them from all angles. Big Grin

Also, the nostril is a couch pillow! Big Grin
Great! Big Grin Sell the camera not the couch pillow... LOL ... The point was that there are too many distractions with the table top setting... no matter how many different shots you will present... make it really stand out from others... just think what would YOU go for if you were looking for a Go Pro... Look at GoPro's own advert... you might want to show the item being used by you in a sports setting demonstrating it's functionality and ease of use... post some pics taken by the item...

Can't think of examples other than these sort of shots are essentially record shots... mugshots of what you are selling ... make it appealing with good lighting and good clarity...

Have a look at this link... http://content.photojojo.com/tips/produc...ructables/

Good luck...

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I'm not a huge fan of the "home-ish" feeling of the pictures, but in the past when I used a photo tent I got some replies asking me if I had any real pictures of the object.. Big Grin

Thanks for the link, it seems very useful!
Glad the link is useful Smile As for the tent pics not seen as real... my earlier suggestion to portray the item in use... on your helmet or handlebars or whatever, may be useful as an addendum to the "tenty" pics?

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I don't know about that, that's my conundrum actually. Everybody knows / can Google the product, especially since it's quite famous, so why not just show the state of the one you're selling?