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Full Version: CCTV & similar lenses.
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[attachment=5042]I see there are a lot of C-mount lenses about on flea-Bay, which with the correct adapter would fit on many digital cameras. My question is - is the quality of these lenses up to doing high definition stills as opposed to video ?
Simple answer - No! CCTC lenses are designed to be used with sensors of comparatively low resolution, as in a CCTV camera. A C-mount lens also has a very small image projection field. Corner vignetting would be a problem unless the camera sensor was quite small.
I was thinking of using APS-C marked TV lenses, (like the one illustrated above), which I understand have enough coverage for many of the smaller digital sensors - especially the one in my Pentax Q7, and probably the one in my Fuji X-E1.

Anyway I will experiment and report back - so far my only C-mount lens, the above 35 mm f/1.6, seems to be OK on my X-E1 body, and thus should be OK on the Q7.