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Full Version: Recent photos from my blog
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[Image: hermitcrab.jpg]
Hermit crab in snail shell (about 5X)
[Image: sunset.jpg]
Sunset at Westneck Beach (flipphone photos)
The Neighborhood on 9/11
These are all very nicely done. Beautiful color in the beach photos!

Beach photographs are glorious.
Thanks Tony and John
Missed these Don. Must agree with the other guys. The beech shots are superb.
Looks like the hermit crab has lost a claw (or leg). Love the beach shots.
(Sep 23, 2016, 10:57)EnglishBob Wrote: [ -> ]Looks like the hermit crab has lost a claw (or leg).  Love the beach shots.

Thanks Bob. It was long dead. The shell was on the beach.