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Full Version: Nikon v Fuji Round 2
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Last weekend I took the Fuji and the Nikon down to the canal to see if one out did the other in any facet - results, operations, coolness... It was most definitely a draw.

Last night the dog was looking particularly cute so I grabbed the Fuji to try and take a shot but it simply wouldn't focus. Tried the Nikon and it nailed the shot first go.

I don't need to change either system - but long term it seems silly to have two systems and so I'm starting to consciously compare the two. I know I'm comparing early generation mirrorless (Fuji x-Pro1 and x100s) with later generation Nikon (D7100) so it may not be a fair battle. But it's all I've got.

50mm, 1/50th, and ISO2000 because it was dark:

[Image: 33113998673_ba6dea3594.jpg]
I also have two systems - I use the Nikon D7100 for all of my travel and macro and portrait work and I use the Fuji as my carry everywhere street camera. No conflict. Different strokes for different cameras.
Conflict for me is the cost. I could really do with selling half of what I've got - but which half??!!