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Full Version: Vintage lens resurrection
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Hi everyone
I know there are some of you here who used to shoot film in the old days.Since nowadays almost everyone shoots digital and autofocus lens I could not resist buying a vintage lens.You can find a bunch of them very cheap on Ebay no matter what brand you shoot, they are easily to adapt to almost any system.
I shoot Nikon crop Dslr's D7100 and D5300, for my event and commercial work I use pro nikkor 17-55 f/ 2.8, Tokina 11-16 Pro dx, and Samyang 135mm F2, all these are great lens but they're big ,bulky and heavy for everyday walk with camera in a neck strap. So I was looking for a vintage nifty fifty.After some research i chosed a Nikkor 50mm F2 Non AI for 35$, a bargain.
I was only able to use it with nikon d5300 due to some mettering issues with pro bodies.
I would talk about this lens for a hole day but I will make long story short, this lens surprised me, it has very nice bokeh, very sharp starting F2.8, not the sharpest in my kit but i don't care that much.

I never thought that i'm going to like this much manual lens for slow paced photography. .

I'm thinking to start hunting a vintage Nikkor 135mm soon  http://www.kenrockwell.com/nikon/135f28.htm

Do you guys have any experience with vintage lens on Digital Slr's?
Robert, you cannot mount a Nikon non-Ai lens on a D7100 or higher body unless the lens has been Ai converted. It is possible to convert the lens yourself if you have the skills (search Google for "Nikon Ai lens conversion" ) Some professional repair shops may still offer the service if they still have a conversion kit available. Personally, I wouldn't bother converting a 50mm lens as a 50mm f1.8 Af-D can be bought for little money and it is a superior lens.
Hi Graham!
You're right! Non Ai lens can damage the metering lever on Nikon 7xxx and FX as well.I did the conversion mysefl , it's pretty simple, it requires removing the aperture ring and some grinding, with the help of a table found on internet you can do it easily.

I chosed this version over 50mm 1.8 AFD or 50mm 1.8G because it has better construction (full metal), long and smooth focus throw.
Hello Robert. This might interest you:



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