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Full Version: What is your worst mistake / fail ? (and how can others avoid the same
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So the last 10 years in the field I've been in some sticky situations and have seen or heard of colleagues with other nerve wrecking stories. 
My question to you guys; whats was your worst moment in photography? (And what can we learn from it to not make the same mistake?)
Don't feel ashamed; Sooner or later even the best professionals slip in a stupid mistake which could've (and should've ) been dodged.

I once had a shoot for a huge partycentre where there was one room with a wedding going on. A weddingphotographer came rushing up to me  and asked if I was shooting Canon (Im really sorry pal, Im on Nikon....) he was in the middle of the wedding and ran out of battery! Needless to say that's a nightmare but an easy one to avoid, however I've been in similar situations with running out of batteries for my strobist flashes. 

My worst one was of arrogance I think/ or atleast still believing I was young and could handle Tongue
2 years ago I was asked to photograph as one of the official photographers for a huge Dutch Festival (team of 4 photographers).
4 days running around the festivals with a list of acts and bands. I decided to sleep in my tent at the area where all the other employees were staying (and I soon found out why the other 4 photographers were staying out of the festival once they were done for the day.). 
Already after the first night there was rain and I got all my clothes and stuff wet, drunken employees (without a lot of responsibilities for those days) all around (one puked over my tent). I was sleepdepraved, cranky on a festival full of drunk partypeople, my feet were blistered while i had to run around atleast 20kms a day and had a tight schedule of one crazy act to another.
Lets just say I didnt deliver the best work of my life. While in the meantime this could've been the chance of my life.
Lesson arrogant me needed to learn; make sure you get a nice safe dry silent spot with a warm bed and a shower if you can after 14hour days.
Youre not 20 anymore. 

As Im typing this there are already more memories popping into my head, but I first want to here yours!