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Full Version: The 'old lenses' - experiments: macro / zoom
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Howdie folks!

Over the years I've collected a bunch of old lenses that I normally wouldn't use. However I found a box full old stuff yesterday and decided to do a little experimenting with.
These are the first three experiments;  all with my ol' Nikon D90 with a 50mm 1.8. on my typewriter. 

#1 : The white Pipeline
[Image: 1lens.jpg]
This is some weird white pipe with a magnifying class in it; I think I found it a secondhand-store for E1,-.
Not anything special I found out; just a bit of extra zoom. 
[Image: 1results.jpg]
1. : just normal 50mm 1.8                                                               2:  the 50mm 1.8 with the White Pipeline held in front.

I was surprised it wasn't hard to auto-focus; although 1.8 is definitely not giving a good sharp image; so it is necessary to get your aperture a little more closed for a bit more sharpness. You can also see a bit of the tube on the sides of the image, so I guess it would be better of use with a 70mm.  I have no idea where this thing could come in handy, but I have a feeling this might be for some artistic/weird/free project. 

2. The Double Converter
Now these things I find quite interesting! 
[Image: 2lens.jpg]
These are in total 3 parts 
- A black lens which I guess makes your lens about x 0.7
- A combo of a silver macro ring (is usable solo on the 50mm)  and a
- silver lens about X 0.4? ( no idea how i got this thing but I think its some kind of fish eye converter)
[Image: 2results.jpg]
1st top picture left is just 50mm again for comparison reasons. 
2nd top picture on right is only with the black lens: not too much of difference: but weirdly I can get a lot closer to the subject and still get a good focus; this might come in handy for some projects.
3/ last picture. All the three lenses combined (screwed together with rings); And I'm quite surprised by the effect. I can get really close on my typewriter and still use autofocus. 1.8 also does his job; A lot of un-sharpness all around. 

3: Broken Canon 50mm 1.4 
I once heard if you turn a 50mm upside down in front of your 50mm it would give a macro effect.
My friend lend me his old broken 50mm Canon 1.4 Lens for this experiment.  Lets see:
[Image: 3result.jpg]
Works like a charm! In case you'll ever want to do some fast Marco-trick without spending a lot of money on expensive lenses; these things actually kinda work.

** I wanted you to show you the 50mm with the Macro-ring as well; but it turns out it gave almost the exact effect as using the Canon upside-down! **

Do you guys have any 'old' or 'broken' lenses around which you sometimes use for nifty tricks? Would love to hear & see some results!