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Full Version: Devil's Tower
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Visited here in my Accord Coup September 2018.  Initially learned about it stamp collecting as a kid in the 1950s.  Can you spot all 3 climbers?
Only found two.
         Mike.   Angry
I can't see none of them... It is not easy, I hope you show us Smile
I must be blind... I've been staring at this image for several minutes, but I cannot see any climbers!!

I'm the same as Mike - only found two.

( One point that might help others - the browser on my PC ("Opera") allows me to open the image in a separate window, and in there it gives me a magnified view.  Even then, I can only see two climbers. Sad )

think I see the 3rd one in the crevice directly above the 2nd counting from the bottom
Had to download it and magnify it to find it.
I found only one, on the right side.