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Homebrewing coffee can be so much fun with the right coffee grinder

I got my very first coffee grinder, a baratza virtuoso six months ago on my birthday. Being a coffee lover myself, I couldn't be happier being able to brew excellent coffee at home. You only need the right machine to enjoy such pleasure. For me, it's that Baratz electric coffee grinder that brings my brewing game to a whole new level.

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About Baratza company

First thing first, when it comes to coffee grinder brands, Baratza is probably known as the top brand because they make the best electric coffee grinder machines. When you pay for a Baratza product, you know you are getting high quality, simply because they are the kind of companies whose philosophy is "do one thing and do it well". And the one thing they have devoted to making is excellent coffee grinders for the home brewing market. That is why I literally screamed with joy when I unwrapped the gift box, and I saw the Baratza name. I know I've just got the best birthday gift ever!

[Image: KiiiisX.jpg]

And why I love my baratza virtuoso so much!

So far, there have been two main reasons why I enjoy grinding coffee with my baratza virtuoso so much.

The first is its ease to use and clean. You cannot know how to use it because its design is so simple: only one button to press and a time dial to twist, and there you go making your freshly ground coffee. Still, to fully understand each time dial setting, requires several tries. But believe me, it is a fun little journey.


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The second thing is its consistent grinds. I was so satisfied seeing such even particle sizes in my coffee ground right from my first try. In fact, the virtuoso is made with 40mm conical burrs which help grinding coffee beans consistently. Yet again, you still have to try different settings to finally find the one that matches your favorite brewing techniques, because this baratza virtuoso grinder has up to 40 grind settings.

And I have to mention, the customer service from Baratza is absolutely excellent. They said there is a quick and easy warranty, just giving them a call and you will be guided with every step to fix any issue you may have.

[Image: NvWPyBc.jpg]

What about other top coffee grinders?

Skeptical enough, you may also want to consider other coffee grinder brands. Of course, besides Baratza products, there are other popular brands that can satisfy you. As a beginner, I used to consider the breville smart grinder pro after reading so many good reviews about it. But I ended up with a baratza virtuoso and I never want to replace it with any other.

I would be so excited if I know my little story would be helpful for you on your search for the Top Rated Coffee Grinders [Image: DjipweH.gif]. It always worths doing your own research and reading some other coffee grinders reviews. Because some days you make coffee, and some days the coffee makes you, so always have the best coffee at home!.