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Shark NV360 vs NV352: Which One Is Better?

META: This Shark NV360 vs NV352 comparison will show you the similarities and differences between those two vacuums to help you with your purchase decision.

The shark nv360 and the NV352 seem to be nearly identical models if we put them side by side. This is pretty confusing for most customers as they wonder if there is any difference between them. Learn more about these upright vacuums and whether you should upgrade to the NV360 from the NV352.

Shark NV360 vs NV352: A Comparison


Both the NV352 and the NV360 belong to Shark's Navigator, an upright vacuum series with many premium features at relatively low prices. At first glance, it'll be hard for you to tell these two vacuums apart. Though the NV360 has some minor tweaks in design, they both bear a traditional look of a Shark upright. Even the dimensions and weights are identical at 14.5x11.4x45.5 inches and 12.50 pounds.

This design is known for its tendency to topple easily, however. When you pull the hose too hard, the heavy top can make the whole machine fall over as the hose seems to not be able to stretch out easily.

They feature many unique high-end technologies from Shark. For instance, the Lift-Away design allows users to detach the canister from the main body and carry it to vacuum narrow areas such as stairs. Another important similarity is the filtration system.

[Image: yZF0PZF.jpg]

The NV352 and the NV360 are both equipped with the Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology. This means no matter which model you end up with, you still benefit from top-notch filtering performance inside a completely sealed system. This system doesn't only captures 99.9% of dust particles and allergens but also prevents them from escaping and going back to the environment.

Both these upright vacuums also come with swivel steering to allow for higher maneuverability. Thanks to this dynamic steering, you can get around your furniture and obstacles easier, especially when the vacuum needs to lie flat to clean the areas underneath your couch. They have a long 25-foot power cord, which should be enough for most people unless you plan to vacuum a massive area that doesn't have any power outlets.

Their performances on different surfaces are almost identical as well. Both work exceptionally well on hardwood floors. Just a couple of passes, and they can already get rid of most dirt and dust, down to the tiny grooves. Low-pile carpets pose no issue to these upright either.

However, things start to change when it comes to thick carpeting. The wheels of the NV352 and NV360 don't seem to roll quite well on thick carpets, while the rollers also have trouble rotating properly.

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While the Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV360 is supposed to be a small upgrade from the NV352 with no significant change in the principle design, there are still some minor differences between them.

For example, with the NV352, Shark gives users a 5-inch crevice tool for stair and corner cleaning, while the NV360 features a slightly bigger 5.5-inch tool. On top of that, the dust cup of the NV360 is also larger at 1.2 quarts compared to the 1.1-quart capacity of the NV352. This doesn't make much of a difference in most real-life scenarios, though.

[Image: BK120Br.jpg]

Final Verdict

The Shark navigator lift away deluxe NV360 upright vacuum resembles the NV352 in many ways. It's basically just a minor upgrade with minimal changes. If you're already happy with your NV352 and thinking about a new vacuum with more advanced features, think about another model instead.
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