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Full Version: Favourite time of day to shoot
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Hey just wondering - what's your favourite time of day to shoot in? At different times of day, the sunlight produces a different effect in your photos.

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sunset is quite nice...
youcan obtain very nice sihlouette effects when the sun is just below the horizon.
twilight Wink
Oh I should indicate my preference as well shouldn't it? Smile

I love shooting at night - just amazing how you can capture the different colours, and especially reflections over water.

Just looks a bit funny though, walking around at night with your camera and tripod (and beanie sometimes coz it's too cold in winter) in public places... Wink
Late afternoon and onwards, but I am really limited with my parents being tight a$$es =(, I'd love to do some night photopgrahy and do some shots like those of Sydneyhardbour posted by shuttertalk over in the showoff thread =)
Mmmm .. yah nighttime is quite nice.. .the super long exposures u can do at night give interesting effects... yah .. shotting at night seems a but stalkerish .. but oh wellz.. its all for the love of photography ^_-
I like long exposures at night because it brings out qualities which you can't see with your eye.
You can create illusions, painting with light. Same with day, but I like the colours of lights at night. For day, I love blue skies (Peter witnesses me getting excited over blue skies)
Yes ..adam loves blue skie .. but then again so do i ..
[Image: river.jpg]
i made this one extra blue ...

yeah .. its pretty useful having AE lock ...

Btw ... the swan river doesnt normally look like that .. hehe
Artificial blue skies aren't that appealing though; haha, just as long as you dont over-do it Smile

Blue skies is something you can't do at night Smile
But at night, with long exposures, you can get a nice purple sky.
For hand-held shooting, I like shooting on bright sunny days, then I can set it to ISO 100 and not have any problems with slow shutter speed causing blurred pictures.