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Full Version: For All You've Done
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Hey, the new Hillsong CD is out - For All You've Done. Anyone heard it yet? Any good?

I'm thinking of picking it up this week... Big Grin
No haven't heard it yet. I hope it sounds a little different to their last 2 CDs...
No haven't heard it yet.
But according to Channel Seven Sunrise this morning it's number one on the ARIA album chart!
No kidding?!?!! Praise God!
Yup no kidding... here's the link
Praise God indeed...
I've only heard one of the songs a few months ago when we were going to play it in church. It's very nice. Also heard more in friend's car the other day, I'll buy it soon.
Typically, here I come with a caustic remark.................

I cant stand Hillsong! Yeuk!

Yeuk (reprise)
Heheh... to each their own I guess. What do you listen to, Rufus?
Quote:Yeuk (reprise)

Soon it'll be Yeuk (dance remix)
Christian bands:

1/ Waterdeep

That's it.

I still listen to some secular stuff. I have about 400 CD's, and only about 25 still feel OK.
Off the top of my head, the bands I still listen to are;
John Martyn
Van Morrison
Kevin Ayers
Wishbone Ash.

Ask your parents, you youngsters. They might know some of these people.

Bands I definately DO NOT still listen to:-
Steve Hillage
Black Sabbath

To name but a very few.
By the way, got this album last week. Listened to it a couple of times already, but it's so-so. Was looking forward to hearing more fast songs but (1) there aren't many, and (2) most of them are rehashes of united live ones.

Oh well. I heard the Planet Shakers album is good - i wanna get that next! Smile
Geee - you gotta feel cheated with that... Sad