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Hey guys I was talking to Julian and thought that a prayer request thread would be awesome, and he agreed.
So, I am starting Shuttertalk’s official prayer request thread. This is the place to post any prayer request that you may have. This is open to all. It does not matter if you are a Christian or not.
There are some things that I ask.
1) That we all lift these up in prayer.
2) Please keep us up dated on what is happing with the things we are praying for.
3) Let us know when prayers have been answered.
4) Respect this thread with the reverence do to God.


Master Prayer Request List

Master List: This is a simple list of all the prayer Request as of 2/13/05. I will update it from time to time. Some of the requests go into more detail than what is here in their original post on the thread. You will have to look their for a complete synopsis.

Cailean: Guidance in his appointment to The Kirk Session of his church.

Peted: mom has breast cancer.

teddyfingers (me)
1) My uncle Tony has liver Cancer and needs healing.
2) My nephew Ben has Crohn's disease and needs healing.
I have a few requests for prayer

1) My uncle Tony has liver Cancer and needs healing.
2) My nephew Ben has Crohn's disease and needs healing.

Thanks Teddy! You're the best! Big Grin
Acknowledged, TF.
How wonderful that this thread has appeared just now... I am suddenly in need of some prayerful support. Don't worry, no tragedy has befallen me or my family. I have been called to serve as an elder on the Kirk Session of my church. This is quite an unexpected development in my spiritual life but I am prepared to meet the challenge with the support of my extended Christian family, which, thankfully, includes you folk.
Hey Teddy,

Just for the record, how do you intend for this list to work?

Just post all requests and updates to this thread, and you maintain a master list up top (maybe edit your first post)?

ps. will pray for guidance for you, Cailean!
ya have everybody post their prayer request in this tread, and I should put a master jist in the first post once or twice a week.

Remember that you strength comes through Christ. Keep you life grounded in prayer and you will be alright. Everyone needs to have the attitude of I can do nothing apart from Christ. It is when we start doing things through our own straight that we start to mess things up.

My wife and I have been looking for a house to buy now for a few months.

Please pray that we'll find the right one sometime soonish... and hopefully something reasonably priced too ... Big Grin

May I suggest that this section be somehow, (I dont know how), masked from public view please??
May I ask why?

No 1.
Prayer is a semi, or totally private affair, (by and large).
Having said that though, I fully support this prayer request thread.

No 2.
Exposing your ills and woes to all and sundry, is not exactly a good idea.
I think if we all understand that this thread is 'public' we will keep the information we provide appropriately vague. Keeping in mind, of course, the God already knows in full the details of our needs.
Agree regarding Cailean's point.

Roo, to answer your original question - no, can't be done, I'm afraid. Limitation of the forum software. Big Grin
OK, points noted. Fair enough. Smile
I would like to say this thread is what it is. Their are request I won't share here b/c they are personal. I have friends for that. Their are things that I want as much prayer as possible like my uncle and nephew.

By the way on a bad note. The doctors told my uncle that their was nothing that they could do for him, and he should get his affairs in order. Pretty much God ether heals him or he is off to Glory. Win, win situation if you ask me.

I just posted a master list of the prayer request in the first post.


my ordination as Elder is this Sunday, prayers are appreciated.
Congrats Cailean! May the force be with you. Lord! I mean Lord! Big Grin
Congratulations Colin.
Cailean Wrote:Update:

my ordination as Elder is this Sunday, prayers are appreciated.

Keep us up to date, 'eh?

Post photos!

Yes, I hope you can share some pictures.
Pray for my youth pastor, Johnny Wilson. He went in to the hospital last night with Meningitis. They have him in Intinsive care right now. Him and his faimily could use all the prayer they can get.


Hope he gets well soon. He will be in my prayers.
Now I am the first to admit I am not in the least bit religious, at all.

That said, I ask this not for me but for the family of a former rival, one of my rival dealers that turned into a good colleague if not friend. Guy Gilmore was a rival internet manager that was willing to share his knowledge with rivals, he was also a youth pastor and also all round good guy.

He passed away on friday in an accident, I ask you to think of him, and more of his wife and children he leaves behind.
I am very sorry to hear this Bob. A friend is something you don't get easily. To lose a friend is really a great loss...

My thoughts and prayers go to his wife and children as well as his friends.

Edited: It was "A friend is not something you don't get easily. " Sorry for the mistake...
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