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I have an Canon A40 that I handed down to my wife since I bought the D-Rebel. Chose Canon over the D70 basically because I am a fan of Canon. Also I found that it was a better bang for the buck. I would like the 20D because I think that the type of work I do does in fact warrant a better system than what I have but the need isn't too great at the moment. I think I'd likely invest in better quality glass before I made the move to a higher end SLR.
i'm trying to find a pocket digicam to carry around to parties and stuff, even my canon a70 is a little too fat to fit nicely.

problem is, i'd really like to still have a nice degree of manual control, e.g. A, Tv and M modes, ev compensation, custom white balance...

there are some very tempting slim cameras out there, like the minolta x50, but they are pretty much point and shoots. is there anything with the control the a70 has, yet is much slimmer? megapixels not really important.

i saw the casio p700 on some website and i thought ohhh this might be it. but in real life it is fairly large, pushing the limit of what i consider pocketable. and it seems to have some noise issues...

I have a Canon S40 (the most recent model is S70 I believe). It is a great pocketable digicam and offers the full range of control features that you are looking for and more. You might look at an older model of this range for a good carry around camera. A lot of my best stufff has been done with this camera. The only issue I have with it is pathetic battery life - a second battery is not an "optional" feature IMO.

Honestly though, with these small cameras - I tend to set the features how I want them and then just shoot in A, Tv, or P mode. The controls are too small for rapid changes on the fly done on a regular basis. The camera can do the changes, but not with the same ease and surety as a larger camera.

I suggest owning 2 cameras - a simpler, somewhat stripped down pocket digicam that you can take with you always - and a larger one for more serious work.
2 cameras - yeah, i'm using a minolta a2, which is also what you have?

i think the canon s-series is pretty good. but it's not exactly smaller than the a-series, doesn't have that awkward handgrip, but is longer and still pretty thick?
Yes I use a Minolta A2 - also a Nikon F100 film SLR and a Canon S40 (not much brand loyalty where I come from).

The S40 is fairly thick and long. If you want all the bells and whistles - that is what you are left with - I think maybe if that is not your only digicam - go with something much smaller with less functionality. Personally, however, if I was buying a new pocket camera - it would be the Sony DSC V3 (not yet released). It ain't the smallest - but it has it all.

On the other hand - how do you like your A2? I never talk to anyone else who has one. I am pretty happy with it - but now I am spoiled by the huge bright optical viewfinder on my F100 - makes even the excellent EVR on the A2 look crappy. If I was doing it all over again - I ould have bought the Nikon D70 instead - although the AS on the A2 is to die for.
i have no film experience (well ok snapshot cameras), so i've only ever used lcds and evfs. i had a chance to play with a 1dmk2 recently, looked through the optical viewfinder and went ehhh what's this, looks too real for me... think i'm too used to looking at a video Tongue

i like my a2, i like how it feels in my hand, how everything seems to be in the right place, and how everything i need fits in a little sling bag. my greatest frustration is the lack of non-noisy high iso. i like to take pictures of kids indoors, and while AS is great, it's no substitute for a fast shutter speed.

that, and the huge dof that non-slrs have may eventually force me down the dslr route. but for now, the sheer size of those monsters puts me off.

re: pocket cams... yeah i'll seriously consider your advice about not worrying so much about advanced features in a pocket camera. but before i give up hope, i'll wait for another round of announcements from the manufacturers.
Nikon D70 with a variety of nikon lenses (18-70, 70-200VR, 300 f4, 50 1.8, and very soon 12-24 f4)

My own .02 Can't go wrong with canon or nikon. Both are great systems. Whatever body you buy will be used as a spare after a few years anyways, but buy the best lenses you can THEY TAKE THE PICTURE.
my main user is a Nikon F801. i knew once i picked it up, it was just right for me. i like the weight and the feel, and the controls were easy enough to figure out even without a manual.

but i wouldn't mind a konica T3 or maybe a minolta 303b.

the dream camera would have to be a pentax 67II, with a few lenses.
When my setup gets here (Tuesday arvo/ Wendesday Morning) ( I can't wait or sleep :o )
It will be a Minolta 7D body
Sigma Auto Focus Lens 100-300mm
Sigma 20-80mm f/3.5-5.6 Lens
range of filters (polarised, etc.)

Is that all I need for an L plater learning how to use a DSLR ?

I hope to get a few good years out of this setup.
Ooo, 7D - Anti Shake! Big Grin Sounds awesome!

I think that should get you started for a while. Down the track you may or may not want to invest in an external flashgun, and some $$$ lenses. Everyone has to start somewhere, and the kit you've ordered covers a very usable focal range. Big Grin
Hi Guys;
I have a canon350 d slr 8 megapixel[still getting the feel of it but to date am pleased] also a canon a80 4 megapixel[ more of point and shoot catagory] but an excellent camera al the same i feel;used to have a canon a1 slr many years back; which was great.
Although t present work exclusively in digital ; do have a yearning and liking for older single lens reflex medium format; mamiya; rollieflex; yacisha;etc as quality is unsurpassed i feel.
My dream camera is a leica [ ANY LEICA] best lens in the world; and a master piece from an equipment viewpoint
But at the prices the bodies only start; and all the accesories etc; way beyond the means of a peasant like me.
There are other very high quality camera's ; a lot of the older famous german makes voightlander; agfa; etc but these days the worry of film availability future costs and proccessing systems is a worry.
to my layman interpretation we haven't seen the same quality potential as to detail capability and total flexability from an enlargement viewpoint in digital as yet; although it really good.
So ideally run with both systems if one can afford. Big Grin
Hehe Frank - the grass is always greener, they say.. Big Grin
I have just made the change from film to digital, from a Nikon f65 to a Canon EOS 20D, I bought the 20D because it was very responsive and fast in operation plus it is the best out there at the moment at this price point.I hope to pair it up with a 580ex flash and 70-200mm f4l lens .
I have been very impressed with this camera for anybody thinking of getting a DSLR the 20d is the one to get !!, Took it out for the first time at my nices comunion two days ago - here is two of the pic's Smile
[Image: 36_dprevrach.jpg]
NIece (slight soft focus added)
[Image: 98_dprevcian.jpg]
I got this shot when the kids were all bounced out ! on the bouncy castle later in the day !!Smile
Welcome to the forums Mick, great shots, I like the selective color on the second one.
I have a Canon A70 fitted with an aux 21 mm equiv lens and a magnifying viewer hood.

I also own a Canon s410 (elph) and a Casio QV3ex (which was my first digicam)

Today I got my Lomograph (gift from my daughter-in-law).

I would like a DSLR but can't afford it.

Welcome mick! You've got some lovely shots there! Congrats on the 20D! Big Grin
Well, I just bit the bullet and decided to upgrade, (father's day gift from Mom and the kids) from a EOS 300D to a Canon 20d! Woo Hoo! Waiting eagerly for the deilivery...... Mom is getting the 300 Tongue
lschmekel Wrote:Well, I just bit the bullet and decided to upgrade, (father's day gift from Mom and the kids) from a EOS 300D to a Canon 20d! Woo Hoo! Waiting eagerly for the deilivery...... Mom is getting the 300 Tongue

Awesome! Do let us know what you think of the new cam when you get it! Big Grin
(1) I have an Olympus C-7070 and a Sony Cybershot P-200.

I chose the Oly for its excellent image quality, and many manual controls and features, and I chose the P-200 as an ultracompact pocket camera and because of all the Sony cameras it does not produce red-eye and produces stunning photos with many nice features.

(2) I don't really want another camera right now, but if I did, it would be the Panasonic Lumix FZ20 for its excellent Leica lens and ultrazoom capabilities.
1. I've got the canon 3000n EOS. It was a gift from my husband, and I love it. A great first SLR cos you can get fantastic photos even when you know squat about photography (like I did when I first got it).

2. I really, really want to go digital. I'm planning on getting the canon 350D in the next couple of months, and I can't wait. I want to go digital because it is too expensive to buy and process film, especially when you are only learning, so alot of shots get wasted and I usually have to do some sort of post processing in photoshop. I also want it for the fact that I can see the effect of using different settings straight away and I think that will help me to come to grips with and learn about exposure quicker.

Not sure if I should just go ahead and invest the extra cash in a 20D though. If anyone wants to convinve me either way, I'm all ears Tongue
Hey Schellamo, I think there was a huge discussion here just a while back: Big Grin
Quote:it is too expensive to buy and process film,

Hi schell,

I recently bought the 350d, I love it! If I had the money I would have bought the 20d. Metal body higher iso etc would have been great. Having said that I am more than happy with my purchase…….its more camera than I know how to use. I wanted to save the money full stop. When I bought it I didn’t look at it as the last camera I would ever buy. I wanted to put the difference to other things e.g.: lenses tripod etc. Digital photography is cheap to take a shot………..but man you could develop a lot of film for what else you need to go with it. My list just keeps growing all the time. When ever you make a purchase you should buy the best you can afford, depending on how often it will get used!!!!!! Either way you won’t go wrong!
I have a canon eos 500 film camera I had a Kodak 5000 digital then upgraded it to the canon A80 (I didn’t need a DSLR because I had an SLR……….. wrong!) but still it was not enough I wanted more……..any way I am sure you know how it goes. I reckon it will be less than two months and you have it ………..It will eat away at you till you get it!!!!!!!

cheers Russ
Thanks for the link, Admin guy (sorry to be rude, but what should I call you?) unfortunately I still don't understand what half the specs mean, but this puts it into plainer language for me to understand Smile

Russ, I think it will come down to the money, and how much I'll be able to afford. The other reason I will probably go for the 350D is as you say it's probably [more camer than I know how to use]. It has already been eating away at me for the last couple of months...does that mean I can get it now? LOL
I got Nikon d2x along with some primes, i prefer primes. I have one zoom though and thats the 70-200 vr. Will probebly buy a wa zoom for weddings.

At the moment i dont really want any ohter camera, when it comes to glass... well thats another story... Big Grin

Schellamo Wrote:Thanks for the link, Admin guy (sorry to be rude, but what should I call you?)

Lol... you can call me Jules. Big Grin

I found a pretty straightforward comparison of the two cameras here:

It seems that there are a lot of things that are better with the 20D vs the 350D, but then again, it is also more expensive. As you say, it probably comes down to what you can afford, but either way, I don't think you'd be disappointed if you got either camera....
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