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Full Version: False prophets
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I may have upset you; I'm sorry.
I do have a message which I believe urgently requires your thoughts, prayers and attention.
The message is this:

I believe, (as do others), that certain popular ministries are wrong, misleading, and unbiblical. I shall not discuss them, nor reference them again here, but if you are curious, please contact me privately. If you wish to berate me, please write to me, and I would be happy to explain my stance.
Meanwhile, let's be discerning!!!

I hope this is ok. Maybe you'd reply and say yay or nay??

Rufus, I agree with you that there are false prophets.

I also agree with you that we always need to be alert and discerning in what we take in as doctrine, etc.

What I didn't agree with (and I speak only for myself here) was your CONSTANT postings warning us on false doctrine. I know it was not your intention to offend anyone, but it felt weird with you, saying "You'd better watch out.... you'd better discern.... " as if we didn't have the ability to discern for ourselves, which I did take offense to.

But anyway I'm happy to put that all behind me now. We're glad to have you posting again mate! Smile
Hello Mr Axe.

You know, I've only just seen this! Rolleyes

Regarding discernment, well......

I dont believe that anyone is sufficiently discerning to avoid all issues of falsehood.
Our church warden and his wife got caught, and he's been a Christian for 50 years!!!

I meant no offence, but do always get a bit cross when an important point seems to be disregarded "because we already know."
The trouble is, that people, (ok, not you guys), expect false prophets and misleading spirits to be obvious. Of course, they aren't! They skulk into your life, your home, your church, masquerading as the light.

But, since this is known here, perhaps this message will serve some other passing soul who reads it.
I do hope so.
Haha - yes - I was starting to wonder if you'd seen this yet... We sure are a busy posting bunch, so I guess it's easy to miss out on one or two...

Just curious though - why we're you so secretive and vague about these 'fasle prophets'?
Because of potential libel claims.
The big boys can always prove their case no matter how wrong they are!!
Ah ok... I just didn't consider that they would bother to file a suit against us little guys...
Probably not, but one needs caution when dealing with the Devil's chums!
I think the Devil and his 'chums' should be cautious of us! We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us! Big Grin
Very true.

Sometimes though, one feels somewhat intimidated.

That's bad, (of me). Sad