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Full Version: Matt or Gloss
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Generally i find that when im at a Photo developer ... i take alot of time deciding whether i should get matt or gloss .. personally i like matt ..but for more colourful vibrant photos .. gloss is better since gloss photos have more colour in them ...

even tho i like matt ..not all places do it for no added extra cost ..
but .. i think matt photos look more professional.. because u dont get so much glare from them..
I like matte, because its not shiny and you dont get all the yukky fingerprints on them.
Haven't printed pictures in a while though, so don't see all that anymore; and never really looked at the colour difference.
yeah .. from what i know .. the number of colours used with gloss film are alot higher ...
but i dont really care so much ... the reason being probably for the lower number of colours i nthe matt is because they dont make as much difference because of the papers surface ..
Great topic peter! With film prints I used to ask for matte & white borders all the time - there just a unique look to it and I love the texture of matte.

When viewing prints, I find that matte reflects light less so it's easier to view and colours tend to be deeper.

It all depends on the photo place though... my favourite one closed down and I've yet to find one that does it as good consistently and cheaply as the old one... Sad
How about we all start a local 'ShutterShop' and we do Digital picture processing =) lol
Kodak store, eat your heart out! Rolleyes
As for my answer: Gloss, it is the only one I have ever seen, used so I don't know what matt is like so I can't say, Might learn one day Smile
dewy Wrote:How about we all start a local 'ShutterShop' and we do Digital picture processing =) lol
Kodak store, eat your heart out! Rolleyes

Hahah, good idea... anyone got some spare cash lying around to buy a minilab? Big Grin
Hmm, I might be able to scatch up a few $1 coins =P
dewy Wrote:How about we all start a local 'ShutterShop' and we do Digital picture processing =) lol
Kodak store, eat your heart out! Rolleyes

yeah ... i know for a fact .. that a cheap kodak photo lab machine ...
which is one of the easier ones to use .. cost $2Million AUD ...

so if ne one has that much ..feel free t hand it over ... ^^

yeah .. matte white boreders i love.. but then they stopped doing matt for no extra cost.. bein poor i had to settle for glosss white border.. but i think ill go bak to matt again ...

has anyone tried the fat white borders... how does that look ?
which is better ... fuji or kodak paper ?
Now that's a good question. I used to know, but forgot. Depends on whether you're talking matte or gloss... Each brand has different grades as well...
WEll .. lets say MATT .. i noticed the quality difference before as well ..
but i forgot which one was better ..
I was taught last semester in ED207 that Fujifilm is more for shooting landscapes since its greenier, and kodak film is more for people (orangey).
That's what the lecturer said, or maybe she was talking about the packaging Wink
At least we don't have to worry about that when shooting in digital... just this white balance thing... garr.. Smile
uhauh yeah ..
nah i alredi knew about the film ...
Kodak film is great for People ..
but from experience...
Fuji Film makes asian skin tones look nicer ...
proll icause of differing pigments in the film ..
oh, so that's what makes the asian people say "say Fuji"
lololololol *joking*

Most of the pictures that I've got in my house are gloss, though my mum likes them in matte, I also like matte
* dewy thinks he might have to get a few photos done in MATT to see what it's like =)
* peter thinks i cant use Mirc commands on Forums .. kekeke ..
yeah .. planning to develope some photos soon . .
but gotta sort out the photos first..
Matt all the way - sometimes with white borders...

Semi-gloss is ok too...

We usually drop by Harvey Norman to buy a pack of Epson photo paper every once in awhile...
uhuha ok ..
ilove white borders ...
theres something about it that makes the photos look more pro ..
Do you have to put the white borders into the jpeg when you bring it for printing?
Or do you bring the pictures there and ask for white borders;
also, another thing, this relates to the calibration of your monitor to the colours they print, how would one do this?
Pring out a colour chart using their printer and compare it at home?
no ..
you just ask them for white borders ..
and they will do it for you ...

some places even offer variable sized white borders. .
ive onli used the standard ones though