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Full Version: Taking sunshine over the water
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I found today that when i was taking photos over the river, that its quite hard to take photos with the nice exposure of the light reflection. Whenever i get the sunlight on the water looking nice, the sky is all whitish and overexposed.

Does anyone have any handy techniques to keep the sky blue and get nice light as well?

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Ill probably post process it to make the sky look nicer .. but still doesnt look as nice as if you natuarrally do it ~_~
I would be interested to know myself, I know that shuttertalk does some nice shots with reflections on the water, might have to wait for him to get home =)
I think it depends on the conditions and how contrasty the scene is. If the scene is very bright, the sky and lake will be correctly exposed, but other objects might appear dark.

Most really nice shots I've seen were taken usually in the early morning or evening - I think because (1) the quality of light is really nice then, (2) less contrast, and (3) the water is usually still. But as always, there's no harm in experimenting, and trial and error! Smile

[Image: lake.jpg]

This one was taken at midday on an overcast day... I had to bump up the brighness a bit as everything was just a tad dark. Like I said, the lake and clouds turned out nicely, but you can't see any detail in the trees, bushes etc.
Very nice shot shuttertalt, Thanks for the tips =)
Oh by the way, should have read your post more carefully peter. If the sun is in the picture, then it's quite difficult, as there will most probably be too much contrast between the light and the dark bits. Unfortunately, digicams can't capture as much dynamic range as our eyes do, so what we see may not translate to what is captured.

Any samples you can post?
urmm .. i have some somewhere .. but yeah .. i think ur right .. i dont think it is possible ... i think ill need some special filter to get an effect like that ... like a gradual blue filter ... i got one somehwere .. but i dont really like mounting filters on my lens ~_~
wow shuttertalk, I really like that picture!
I love the depth created by the clouds
It Looks Like Big Fluffy Fairy Floss ...
*Eats The Clouds*