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Whatcha think? Could we use one? Not like it would be overly busy. I'm sure most of the Aussie's would get the most use out of it but you never know who might buy my Canon EF 35-105mm F-3.5-4.5. Big Grin
I say it would be a good thing.
jericho Wrote:I say it would be a good thing.

Are you saying you'de buy my lens? Big Grin I know what you mean. Just kidding. Smile
And, I'll give you TWICE what its worth... Big Grin
Ok, the voices have spoken. Big Grin

I had no idea I had made this request before. I need more memory. I'll have to go buy some. Tongue
Woohoo! Just made a hundred bucks. I actually bought this lens on E-bay for $65.00 cad and flipped it in an auction for $167.00 cad. Looks like my Tamrac velocity 9 purchase is going to be free. Big Grin
congrats Big Grin
I just paid for my Tamrac Velosity 9. I bought it through these guys. http://www.photo-co.com/SecureStore/c599...608.2.html Absolutely the cheapest I could find. Total came to $63.77 Cad. with shipping.