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Full Version: Canvas printing
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Hey, has anyone had any experience with printing onto canvas before? I came across this site, which prices as follows:

12x12 inch (305x305mm) £40.00
16x12 inch (410x305mm) £45.00
18x18 inch (460x460mm) £60.00
20x16 inch (510x410mm) £60.00
30x20 inch (765x510mm) £90.00
30x30 inch (765x765mm) £100.00

Obviously a UK site, and there may be others out there. I think it might be nice to have something different from the usual framed print - the examples they show are basically a canvas stretched around a frame, and that basically hangs on a wall.

What do you think?
I've seen quite a few of these - they are pricy - but for the right subject - they look great.
I've seen some at Ikea where they've got some designer prints - like rose petals - and they look really nice with the same print 3-in-a-row on a wall...
any place that can print those full colour inkjet banners can do them ball park price is $120/sqm you would then have to mount it and frame
I tried printing my own a few years ago, all I succeeded in doing was jamming my printer LOL.
This is one Pol has recommended to me, and she says they are good. Prices and Delivery charges are on here. I seems like they del. to Aus but it's expensive.
But there must be many others.
Lots of pro labs do them.

Plenty in Australia. Fitzgeralds here in Perth do them and they look great.