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Full Version: Radix guys
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Heres an interesting site that you might want to have a look at ..
radixguys.com ...

Heres one of the pages o nthe site i found interesting ...
its an impersonation of the devil ..
Click Here!
Very interesting, very well done.

I dont agree with certain parts of it, but I'm sure you will understand why.
Yeah ...
but yeah .. he was just discussing what people think the devil was like ..

i dunno how true what he says is ..
but its an interesting point of view ..
I think there is a lot of truth in what he says.

It seems to me, that the Devil is extremely adept at using the "just carry on as you are" strategy.
As the narrator suggests, surely we cant be of interest to the Devil???

Yes we can. Especially as Christians. Sad
hrmm .. yes .that is interesting ...
i do agree strongly though ..
that today society makes it much easier for us to go .. " ohh well .. everyone else does it ... why cant i .. "

i dont know hey ...
kids these days ..
even though im not that old yet ..
a couple of years after me ..
i can already see a big change in kids attitudes toward things like sex and drugs ..