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Full Version: What is your prefered OS?
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So what do you all prefer to use ..
i cant live without windows .. but im trying to change that ...
I find that linux is pretty good .. once they got more suppoer for windows based programs ..

i will be more open to switching .. ^^
Windows CE? Heheh, just kidding Wink
Windows CE ? ..
i wonder if u can use it to post process photos ~_~ .. hehe
I've got windows CE on a old old palmtop computer, the computer is useless now Smile
I've been a windows user for a long time now,
When windows 95 came out, I was still using windows 3.11 until 1998, I didn't like the new windows 95, but eventually, with new computer, I was forced to use it, and now I like it Smile
Never used MACS until I started uni in 2003. But those are I-MACS, only seem good for surfing the internet.
I Macs!! .. i cant stand the one button mouses ... !!!!
Yeah ...windows 3.11 to windows 95 was like a revolutionary step ..
it was soo nice bak then with the nice GUI ..
ever since windows XP came out I haven't used anything else
I gues sonce you are used to using al the windows applications .. its hard to do without the features that they have ...

since open source software makes no revenue apart from donations .. its really hard for the team to match the Features of Costly software ...

However i look forward to see great stuff coming out for the open source revolution ...
ive already switched to open office ^^
Linux, Mac, Windows
(In that order)
i cant deny macs are brilliant for multimedia ..
but i just dont like the user interface...
ill upload some interesting clips about MACs ..
well not about them .. rather knocking them ..
Not the guy in the white room killing 'em is it?
the guy i the white room ..
well ..
theres a guy talking about become a mac user ...
Dun tihnk I have seen that one
huahua okay ..well its up now in a new thread if u wanna dl it ..
Quote:ive already switched to open office ^^
I'll admit that open office is a great piece of software

I know of some schools that only run linux on their PC's and use open office
DOS rulez!!!

delete *.* rulez!!!

Muahahahaaa..... Big Grin
uhauhahua ...
mkdir shutertalk_photo

ok .. i used to love dos ...
peter Wrote:Windows CE ? ..
i wonder if u can use it to post process photos ~_~ .. hehe

Actually, you can... there are a few image processing apps. The ipaq 4150 I've got comes with one where you can zoom in, rotate, crop, resize Smile
i wonder if there is anything like that that will run on my Palm ...
I havent seen anything like thtat for palm OS ...
I'm using a mac at the moment! It says iMac on it Tongue
I don't like it, but I'm sure that the higher end macs are a lot better; for pro Tongue

Someone please list some reasons why they choose it over Windows-based-pcs?

I'd get a MAC if I could get the software cheaply Wink
Power Mack G5 is wicked way ..wouldnt mind the power i none of them even tho i dont like macs ...
but they cost a crap load ..
but the cooling system in zones is really good..
Let's go have a look at Winthrop computers?
I'm free until 11, in maths computing lab at the moment, waiting for Tony to come back, I should have brought camera today!!!!
uhauh yeah something like that ..
just let me finish printing .. then we go have a look at the MACs..
Friend of Mine Just bought this:
Quote:Power Macintosh G5 - Dual 1.8 GHz 64 Bit CPUs, 256MB Radeon 9800XT, 2GB RAM, 160GB SATA HDD, Bluetooth, Wireless, GB LAN, Modem, 3 button Mac mouse
whats he using that for ?
trying to haxor government systems ? ...

or multimedia dude ?
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