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Full Version: Dirtcheapcameras.com.au
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Does anyone have any experience buying with them ..
im thinking of getting the minolta DiMAGE Xg .. .
its the cheapest place ive seen it .
but dunno if i hsould buy from an online store ..
or if i should buy it at all ..
I've bought something from them before... I can't remember what, but it must have been a memory card or lens. No real problems - they charge a $20 flat shipping rate I think.

yeah ...20 bucks itsnt too bad for buying a digital camera ..
im just trying to figure out if i feel like busting 400 dollars now ...

~_~ ... its alot of money for someone like me ...
What's your reason for getting one?
"Novelty" hehe
Yesterday while waiting for my internet to work, I took out the old Olympus 1.3MP digital camera, such a nice camera to use, and looks nice; unfortunately, the battery compartment cover is broken, it won't clip closed properly: you have to hold it closed otherwise it'll turn off, this is annoying especially when you let go of it before the pictures finish saving, then you get errors.
No elastic band can seem to hold it down and also, if you tie elastic bands around it, it goes over some buttons that you need access to. I don't want to use sticky tape, so I think the only option now would be to get a new casing for it;
My uncle once had a problem with his casing broken on his olympus digital camera and he paid over $200 for a second hand one...!!!
mpo pint then /.
if u sdont like stickytape ..
use gaffa tape ^_-
Then I'll be carrying a roll of gaffa tape with me for everytime I change batteries!!!
how about wad of blue tack then ?
Peter - there's no need to write to me on the forum since you are sitting next to me now !!!!!!