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Full Version: Strange CLip
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Ok ...
WARNING! you may find strange connotations in this video..
Click Here!

my frend directed me to this site..
if you dont get it ..
then your too young ..

Beleive it or not ..
this was a childrens Television show ..

that is so funny!!!!!!
Yeah .. i was like ..
was this really meant for kids ? ..
soo disturbing ..
Now I start to understand why I get strange looks when I talk passionately about cameras "Your's is so small! I'll let you play with mine if you let me play with yours! Can I shoot? Can I play?"
What Bad things are all you people thinking out there ...its a kids show! ...

hehe ... yeah .. strange looks .. especially when we r going to shoot birds ..
LMAO at Peter and Adam
Geez... must have been all high at the time or something...
im not supprised..
this show was during the hippy days ...
lol, Hippy days =P
What a plucking disgrace! Twangers and maracas deserve more respect than that!! Wink
uhauha .. .
if you dont have any balls of your own ..
go see your friend ..and ask iff you can play with his balls ..

so what r all u people thinking .. its a kids show ! (as far a s i know)