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I thought it'd be nice to have a place to share photo tips and resources we find as we crawl around the web.

To start things off:

1) http://www.camerahobby.com/WeddingTOC.htm

2) http://www.shortcourses.com/index.htm
2b) http://www.shortcourses.com/using/index.htm
2c) http://www.shortcourses.com/equipment/index.htm

What have you found?
Good idea, Cailean. I'll use the good ones for my resources section... Smile
Thanks Cailean Smile
Thanks for the links...
i had an okay site once..
gotta find it again ..
shuttertalk Wrote:Good idea, Cailean. I'll use the good ones for my resources section... Smile
That's kinda what I was thinking - save you some work! How 'bout making it sticky so that it is easily found even if we haven't added to it in awhile!
Stuck! Smile
Came across this one when on another forum (clubsnap)
Thought I'd share it here Smile
Very informative about lenses!
That's an awesome link, adam! Thanks! Big Grin
I found to link to this nifty site at the TRUE BLUE DINKY-DI AUSSIE DIGITAL CAMERA FORUM:


It's basically a camera simulator to explain the basic relationship between aperture and shutter speed, etc...
Found another one:


These are the free ones... presumably more advanced lessons are for sale...

EDIT: I suppose I should mention that the 'web photo school' site is apparently owned by Photoflex, a lighting manufacturer...
Quite a few freebies on www.photographytips.com otherwise www.outdooreyes.com has some good techniques as well as a decent section on digital editing.
Don't know how I missed this before....

Many, many, many Photoshop tips and tricks....
This post is a tresure Smile and just now I found it. I will explore it tomorrow. Thanks a lot!
A treasure I agree!

I don't think I will be doing much else than check the links and read for a while...
Thanks Cailean, if I become a famous photographer one day I will tell the world you put me on the right track with this thread. Big Grin
Here's the best article I've ever read.

Article written by Brooks Jensen, editor of LensWork magazine:

there's some good articles here on the offstone forum
adam Wrote:I'm having trouble accessing http://www.myfourthirds.com/document.php?id=11237

The link should be good, but the forum has an "account suspended" message put up by their host. Not a positive sign.

For a very short time -- it's in the the May-June issue -- this article can be downloaded as a free PDF in the "current issue" #58. Go to http://www.lenswork.com/overviewcurrentissue.htm and follow the "Download a PDF preview of this issue" link.

It's worth the download if you can spare the 1,134k -- but I don't think this issue, #58, will be current for much longer.
I like the "twenty one ways to improve your artwork"
The original link is working again, but the PDF is nice to have anyway.

One of my favourite points:

19.) Don't photograph what is "photographable." Photograph what interests you, even if it is impossible to photograph. It is almost impossible to make a great photograph of something that doesn't interest you. [...] There are no boring subjects in the entire universe - there are plenty of boring photographs made by bored photographers. Become passionate about something and that passion will, with time and dedication, manifest itself in your images.
Digital Photography Blogs

Just two of the great photography sites I've seen around the web..
Cool stuff!

Here's a link to the "Ultimate Exposure Computer" page. It contains a table of typical lighting conditions and you can lookup what aperture/shutter/ISO combinations would be needed. Very useful for planning.

If you want to understand why a polarizer needs to be turned a certain way, or the differences between different polarizers (linear vs. circular), look here:

A variety of unique, deep and interesting resources from an amazing artistic photographer:
Signing up for his mailing list gets you more.
I found an interesting site today – although they are really proud of their Facebook page, the articles tend to be snappy.

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