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Full Version: Software drum machines
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I need a software drum machine which writes to .wav, so that I can make backing CD's.
Any suggestions please?
Hi Roo, I don't use synth drums often - prefer the real thing, but I'm currently using Adobe Audition (previously known as Cool Edit). However, I reckon there are better things out there.

Try this site for starters - it's got some good reviews.


This mag from your part of the woods is also very good, and the free CD that comes with it often has free software for you to try, so score yourself a copy if you can.

There is this program called Acid that people use to make techno music and other forms of electronica music. But I'm pretty sure you can load drum profiles into it as many techno songs do have synth drums playing through them, maybe look into that?

Heard one of the songs from Underworld
"New wave of Acid techno" (doof, doof, doof, doof)
Hahahaha I love my bass!!!!!