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Full Version: Perfect Job Ad
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I'm definitely applying!!! Big Grin

[Image: perfect%20job%20ad.jpg]
lol god or senior accountant.... to bad its in melb =P If u get the job, remember us fellow shuttertalker's!!! Big Grin
LMAO, that is funny
i wonder if thats for real or if it was a typo ..
hehehe ...
well they sure aint gonna get a god ~_~
Lak Wrote:If u get the job, remember us fellow shuttertalker's!!! Big Grin

Errr... I was joking when I said I'm applying for the job.
Not interested in contracting... especially for small company... not very challenging.
Big Grin
According to my friend it was realy posted on the web...
But I reckon tis a typo...
Funny nonetheless Big Grin
Wonder why it was "God OR Senior Accountant"? If I had to choose between God and a senior accountant, I know who I'd definitely choose Smile
It’s probably because you need God to understand those very convoluted, complicated accounting treatments…

FRS, AASB, FRS, FASB, FIN, SOX… ASIC, SEC, PCAOB (or widely known in the industry as peekaboo not kidding)… arghhh… never ending lists of requirements…

The fear that one day your work might end up in court and you might be impeached is very real… and you’re constantly being reminded of it… get it right or get sued

Not to mentioned trying to predict what the market has forecasted the company’s result and deliver that in the profit announcement… or find bloody good explanations… Then prepare better models to help the market to forecast the result… even though market prices, exchange and demand is more volatile then ever…

And of course the joy of staying in the office til “ungodly” hours and typing incoherently…

Accounting is a dirty word! Back to work… Big Grin
Eh, you're still at work??
Yup... this year end is better than last year and the year before...
Praise God
Big Grin
Hahaha - they say some accountants act like they know everything, but this is ridiculous... Big Grin

Statutory reporting is da pitz... Sad That's why I'm not in it! Big Grin
Hehehe... those who think they know it all... think again... Big Grin

And can't agree more stat reporting is da pitz... da pitz I tell you... warn your children and children's children not to go near it Big Grin