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Full Version: 5 string basses
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Anyone have one?

How do you choose to tune it, BEADG???

Bass styles:
Do you like the modern thunk thunk, whack style, or a more melodious counter melody cum rythm singing bass?

Big Grin
hm... i'd like to know myself! never played a 5 string before...

i think i like both styles, depending on the song. some bass solos work well with the thunk thunk and there's lots of drums, but when it's quiet, the singing bass sounds great too. haha, i'm probably talking rubbish here... Big Grin
Played a 5-string once in BEADG. Took me a while to get the hang of it, heheh...

As to which style I like, it depends on what the song requires. I generally prefer the melodic stuff tho...
Rufus Wrote:How do you choose to tune it, BEADG???

What's the alternative?
Lots of alternative tunings ST.
My dad's friend decided one day that he wanted to play bass, so he went and bought a second hand black gibson les paul 5 string bass!
It was tuned BEADG.

It was nice... it said Gibson on it, it had 5 strings, it was a LesPaul bass! ahhh!
then after a few lessons, he gave up and sold it. Sad

I dont like Gibsons, nor Fenders. So there! Big Grin
So there Sad~

Which ones do you like?
Warwick, Shuker, Status.

Couldnt afford any of them though...................... Sad
Hehe how about Yamaha?? Big Grin
Well, I was talking of really expensive basses. If I come out of cloud cuckoo land and get real though, then I'm looking at the following:

Warwick Rockbass

That's probably it.