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Full Version: Do you watch TV?
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Yes, a lot more! So let's all stop complaining, because in the future, we'll be paying 2.2AUD haha.

That only covers the cost of taking it out of the ground and transporting it, but doesn't count the real cost on the environment, what will happen when it runs out? haha *brings in discussion*
uhauha..accordint to scientests..
it wil be hundrends aor thousadnds ,..one of the two ..of years before it comes close to running out,,,
This post has evolved from asking if we watch tv to petrol prices Smile
Are we masters all of thread-hijacking?

As engineers, we have to do something about it now. Right now, we have to clean up the problems the engineers from the previous generation left us.
haha yes ..
we can switch to bio fuel ...
sewrage power plants !
If you could make that, it'll be great.
but the government might think it "uneconomic".
Would you buy petrol if it were charged at the REAL cost?
The government would probably think it uneconomic, and if the government wants to do that, the people will just vote another government which can offer cheaper petrol. And there goes the effort to save the world Sad
they have made a biomass power plant in australia ...
or i think they are building it ..
cant remember wjhich ..
but methane is a powerful gas ..
Back to the IPE-days? haha Smile
Quote:Don't you already have one in your car?
But it's not THX certified Sad
TV in car? wahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!
$2.20 per litre? Ouch... But UK salary levels would probably translate to much more than what we make over here so it's all relative... to a certain extent.

But paying to watch 'free-to-air' TV is err.. not? Sad
That's where pirated tv comes in Wink
hahah, or tvs that retract back into the wall when the inspectors come around... Big Grin

"nope, no tvs in this house" Big Grin
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