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Full Version: Form factor and weight
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These days, cameras seem to be getting smaller and lighter. The body of the Canon EOS 300D for example, is made up of a lot of plastic. Some still prefer cameras to be chunky and heavy - be it for more stability or a more "quality" feel. What's your preference?
What's the diff between option 3 & 4? Rolleyes
Yes, the 300D is a lot of plastic, but its not soft plastic, and has sufficient build quality, even in the ways I treat it.
I think that I would get very tired from carrying large large cameras, though it would be good exercise Tongue
Heavy would feel more pro Wink
Hard and chunky = pro, I am wannabe pro =P, you can guess my poll answer, since there is only one been voted in any way =P
Actually, I would like two cameras,
one big big nice chunky solid (hint: DSLR) for doing 'nice' pictures and a small compact camera I can keep in my pocket and pull out to take pictures at any time.
So I'll always have at least one camera with me.
At the moment, I'm always carrying around that 'extra' bag with the camera Tongue
yes Chunky Rules ...
but yeah ..its useful to have that one u can slide up ur sleave in times of infiltration ( or mabye not~_~)

but yeah ..when shooting pro .. need something more stable .. and robust ..
generally i find that i can hold it more stable if there is a lil weight to it ...
If you want some more weight, go for a battery grip.
Apart from being able to use it as a vertical grip and to store another battery, it's quite an expensive battery holder when you can put the spare in your pocket.

Note: Whenever Peter sees a small camera, he'll tell me how useful itll be hidden up your sleeve Smile hheheh
Yes .. .especially the New cybershot u .. water proof and just the right shape to have hidden up my sleve .. for those unsuspecting victims of photography ^^

yeah ... 270 dollar battery grip ..
or a couple of third part batteries ... ? .. the choice is clear .. unless ur a compulsive verticle shooter. ..