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Full Version: nice day
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its a nice day today
I'm currently sitting outside the engineering building with the sun in my face trying to look at the laptop screen.;
Infront of me are a set of nice nice clouds.
and the sun! ahh! anice view, but i heard its going to rain Sad

How often do you have times where you wish you brought your camera?
I had one on Tuesday.

I took that black electric six-string, and an old bass to a luthier friend. I often mean to photograph him at work, yet so far, have always omitted to do so!! Rolleyes
always happens...
too many times...
i need a camera inbuilt on my forehead ..
you do... it's called your brain... ahahaa.... hee... heh.... hurr.... bleh...

sorry - my brain melts on Fridays... Rolleyes
maybe that's a good enough reason to get a small camera - to have with you all times Wink haha
ill steal my dads new video camera ..
one of those tiny sony ones ..
can take megapixel photo ..
so not too bad ..
but memory stick duocost so much ..
Then I'll steal from you Smile haha!
w00t ..
just wond a bid on a 256 mb memory stick duo pro ...
sandisk one much cheapper than sony one ...
got it for 112 inc postage ... ^____^
Wonderful, and you can pay it off from your work tonight Wink