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Full Version: Tamron SP500mm Mirror Lens for sale
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Having recently bought a Sigma 400mm telephoto my old faithful Tamron 500mm mirror is up for sale. It's on eBay here:


I have it listed as available to the UK and Europe only, but am willing to ship it anywhere to any well established forum member at whatever the postage cost is, if anyone's interested.

It has a Tamron Adaptall interchangeable mount and I'm including the Pentax K mount with the lens, but mounts are readily available for other manfacturers.

Looks like I'm going to sell this....bids already and umpteen watchers....Though it's a good lens (in its class), I''ve been very surprised at the interest in it. Especially when I had so much trouble selling the 28-75 XrDi which everyone KNOWS is a storming good lens. Might even make enough on this to pay myslf back for the 400mm Sigma that's replaced it!! Big Grin Big Grin
Good luck! Smile