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Full Version: spell check function
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is it possible to add a spell check function to the forums ST?
Like Whirlpool do cause that's pretty handy sometimes
its pretty hard to find spell check options for forums ...
and it require space and server resources ...
so dunno if it is really good to put on the server....
hey that was actually on my todo list, dave. i'll see what i can do...
haha cool ..
so punbb can integrate spell checking ?
no.. not really, but i was going to try hack something together. first attempt failed... might be harder than i thought Big Grin
yeah ..
seems like a difficult thing to integrate ..
Ha ha, I've managed to get something to work...

It's still a bit of a half measure - i.e. when you press the spell check button, it opens a new window and spell checks your text. After you correct the mistakes, you copy from that window and paste back into the post form...

Tell me what you think!

(I hope I haven't broken anything though...) Big Grin
Aargh, just going back through all my news posts...

Amazing how many spelling mistakes I've made!! Sad
all u r 1337 noobz0rs! hu nids er speelchekur? i r teh bombz0rs!
This spell checker was inspired by the spelling of Peter Bui
Oh yes, I can't be bothered clicking that extra button, I'd just make sure that I spell things right the first time Smile
It also helps when writing on paper when spellchecker function is not available Wink hehe
adam Wrote:This spell checker was inspired by the spelling of Peter Bui

Ha ha, good one adam! It's true!! Big Grin
adam Wrote:This spell checker was inspired by the spelling of Peter Bui

haha ...
the only problem is whether i will use it or not ..
most likely i wont ^___^

but ohh well ..
its a good idea none the less ..

now i have to think when pressing the submit button ..
soi dont accidentally click the spell check one ..
peter Wrote:soi dont accidentally click the spell check one ..

yeah, if you do, you might get a shock!! Big Grin
haha yeah ..
not my fault i fail to hit the space bar Rolleyes
or mabye it is ... hehehe
Got new modem!!! Tonight will be the test~!!! If it drops out, then I'll :~(~~~~~

Have I ever said hello to you Dave??? If not, sorry!!!

so far, so good!!! no dropout yet Big Grin

Hi DAVEBig Grin
why are we saying hello to dave ?
A form of spam.
hahahah.... hi guys

Quote:Got new modem!!! Tonight will be the test~!!! If it drops out, then I'll
I got to do that myself.... just got to get a modem first. Though I don't think our modem is faulty but Telstra insist we try one
We've had the line tested by telstra twice, swiftel checked their side and found nothing wrong.
Swapped modem with friend and he had problems with mine while I didn't have problems with his, so we sent it back, the guy said nothing was wrong and sent it back to us, we still had problems, so got a new modem and no problems at all! Big Grin
hrm..... maybe we should try that, what modem did you have by the way i've got a Billion 743GE. Because what that means is that your modem is more sensistive to line noise than the other one you tested which means technically nothing is wrong with it hence they didn't replace it
My modem was also a 743GE, I now use the 743GE as a wireless router and switch Smile

Technically nothing wrong, but lots of problems.
At least now it's all good Big Grin
Good stuff! It must feel good to be back on broadband! Big Grin