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Full Version: PlanetShakers CD/DVD Launch
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Hey if you're in melbourne, Planetshakers are launching their new CD/DVD album (All That I Want) this Sunday Aug 01... Details in the link below...

In Melbourne Sad
Did you go to this year's conference?
It was so good, wasn't allowed to bring camera inside though Sad I wonder why!!!!
They didn't let my friend in because he had his camera so we had to go back, put it in the car and try and get in again. But was so good Smile
adam Wrote:Did you go to this year's conference?

No, didn't know they had a conference... only one I know of is Hillsong. I'm pretty new to PlanetShakers and I've only started noticing lately coz Guy Sebastian is supposedly from there Smile
Haha, yes, he's from there but wasn't in this year's one Smile because.. he might be a distraction. I guess that's true... haha
Just got back from PlanetShakers with my wife and dave... it was awesome! Music was loud, lots of youthy people jumping and very cool and catchy tunes as well.

The lead singer/guitarist is so talented! Like the guy was singing and playing and jumping full steam and didn't even miss a beat! He actually got up and preached a sermon too! I wish I could play / lead worship like him.. Big Grin

I picked up the new album too, haven't listened to it fully, but will tell you what I think when I finish it.
Oh by the way, Guy Sebastian wasn't there... Big Grin
Quote:Music was loud
huh....... what was that Jules..... can't hear you!!!!
was it Henry Sealy?
Quote:was it Henry Sealy
Yeah it was...... man that guy can play guitar!!!!
He can play piano just as well, in case you didn't know. He does rock. Big Grin

And did you know I once had the honour of playing alongside him once? Not at a concert or anything big like that. It was at a funeral service which I led a couple of songs on guitar and he backed me up on piano.

Nice guy. Short though...
Wow! I didn't know that... I know someone who knows someone famous!! Big Grin
Is Henry Sealy as good as Nigel Hendroff from Hills?
Hey I've been listening to the album at work... I like it a lot actually! It's very upbeat, and tunes are very melodic as well. Might see if I can introduce these at church... Big Grin

Anyone else heard it (or previous PlanetShaker albums)? What do you think?
I've got "Open up the gates", "Reflector", "My King", "So amazing" Big Grin
I like Smile
I remember Nigel, used to play at FGA, so long ago ~~~ then did he go to Zion? lemangohgolic?
yup... Nigel was in FGA then moved to Zion. Great guitarist...
Now a worship pastor @ Hills
Quite a few ex-FGA people in Zion... well when I was there about 3 years ago.
Big Grin
Yes, so many people left to go to Zion when it formed. Big Grin

I'm feeling sleepy,I'll play more shuttertalk later Smile
I heard of it from ZPH pastor.

But since then quite a lot have moved on to other churches too. I think there's different seasons in our lives... and we need more variety to cater for our needs in different seasons... Big Grin
I guess so, go where ever God calls you.