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Full Version: A question on the series"The 4400"
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I need a favor from someone who has seen this series. It is premiering on Space channel here on Sunday but what I'd like to know is the one advertised on their website the first or second season? Help please! I'm dying to see this. If it's the second season I'll have to buy the dvd or something to the first.

Peto....It looks to me like they're showing the last two episodes of season one (which was a mini-series we saw here in the UK last year) followed by a new seaon starting on 18th September. We haven't had season 2 yet.......hope we get it too as the first series was very good.

Awww really! Sad I was hoping for the first season from the beginning.
#6 was naked in the last Battlestar.

slejhamer Wrote:#6 was naked in the last Battlestar.


Awww man. Are you giving me another series to pay attion too? :o Big Grin
Don't forget to watch for my "Flaming Skull" poster which is prominently displayed on a bedroom wall (2 copies) on the 2nd season episode originally aired on June 26 this year!!!

[edit] I believe it was the episode named "Suffer the Children" - the 4th show in Series 2.

No doubt it was used to demonstrate how emotionally disturbed the charcater was... Wink [end edit]

I haven't seen it yet - but you can bet that I'll be watching for it!