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I just happened to catch an 'episode' of the Hillsong TV show... If I'm not mistaken, this show comes from Australia so I wondered if you guys had any opinions about it... It seemed really energetic & YOUNG which was refreshing!

Most of our Christian programming (we have two full-time Christian channels) is either fire & brimstone televangelist stuff from the States or home-grown passive-aggressive political commentary from the Christian right. Hmm.. don't mean to rant...

Anyway, back to Hillsong... is it a popular program with young Christians (or seekers) in Australia?
Hey Cailean!

Hillsong is pretty big in Australia - whenever they release an album, it goes straight to the top of the Australian Record Industry Association charts (that includes secular music too!).

Most churches sing some form of Hillsong music. I like their music quite a bit, and play their songs at church most Sundays.

I didn't know that there was a Hillsong TV show though... Big Grin