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Full Version: Firefly VoIP internet phones
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What do you think about this? Is it too good to be true?


I haven't tried it yet, but I think I'll go home tonight and give it a go! Big Grin
Hm... I tried firefly waaaay back when it was just a client to client voice chat app (sorta like netmeeting)... it was kinda cool... got to complete strangers on the other side of the world talking and singing (yes, singing).

Didn't know they've now got VoIP integrated with it though... could be useful.
Just signed up,
can't wait to sing to you Wink
i got it as well now ..
Gimme a call ^_-

prefer skype though ...
Hehehe - are we gonna start a Shuttertalk teleconference? Big Grin
hehe Big Grin
Tons of fun ...
i find that when we get like 4 people together...the quality starts to get laggy ...
mmm we should measure its bandwidth usage sometime peter. Apparentley its not too bad having 3 people together on 56k
is it ? ...
do you have friends who have tried it out ..
mabye its just adams dodgyness that ruins the connection ..
I'm not dodgy Smile
you arent ..the computer is ...
but yeah ...
VoIP would be good to contact people with online ..
freeee ..
i like the free bit of it ...
too bad you can integrate it into a webpage ..
peter Wrote:too bad you can integrate it into a webpage ..

like what... a chatroom, but using speech?
sorta yeah ...
is there such a thing ?
i just noticed about 5mins ago a firefly VOIP add at uni!!!
I assume add = advertisement?

Where did you see it? Smile
basically around uni they have notice boards where people can post stuff (car for sale, books for sale etc) and there was an A4 (done in word) printed add describing firefly VOIP and the call rates to various countries.
it isnt that much cheaper than calling cards ...
I play skype Smile
yeah skype is fun ..
But firefly to firefly is free isn't it?
skype is also free ...

but with both of them ..
need to pay to call land lines ...