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Full Version: Canon 350D: weak body?
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I got my new Canon 350D a couple of weeks ago and after a few days of use the grip started exhibiting a creaking sound when "gripped". Haven't handled my camera heavily so I took it back to the shop and they gladly exchanged it for a new one. Now the new one is starting to exhibit the same creaking sound on the grip too, although not as bad as before.

Do I just have a heavy hand? Is the 350D body that weak? Is it an inherent "defect"? Anyone else have this creaking grip?
Are you talking about the add-on battery grip? Or the actual camera body?
The part of the actual body which you grip with your right hand.

at least it is not only nikon that does that. i have replace my rubber grip from my f5 i think 4 times now. previously the f100 and the d1. not good

hope you sort it out


Sorry to hear that Mark... when I used my friend's 350D, I can't recall any creaking sound - everything felt pretty solid.

I guess you could try taking it back to the shop again... perhaps they have a bad batch or something...

I hope my D50 doesn't start creaking too...
You may find its just a plastic on plastic creaking as they didn't put a rubber grip on it.
I've never noticed that problem with my new 350D :/
Thanks for all your feedback. Maybe i'm just a little paranoid.... once bitten, twice shy?
I often get the feeling that the door that covers the CF slot on the side of the grip of the 350D should be made stronger. Although not broken, it does seem to have a little bit of "give" in it and is positioned so that when my right hand takes the weight of the camera it puts some pressure on this door that doesn't make me feel good. To me this makes the grip feel a little bit creaky.

But I've had my 350D since they were released and it has never gotten any looser.. so it might be a case of being worried about nothing.

Still, if the door did break it would be very annoying as the camera won't shoot unless the CF door is closed.

I have same problem. Exactly like that, after a couple of days it started creaking. Not fun at all.. Sad I have not been in touch with Canon Sweden yet, but I will.. when the time has come.
Hope everyone gets their all their issues sorted...

Gardell - perhaps get in touch with your retailer first? Usually they're the first point of contact, and most places will do a replacement for faulty goods..
I have bought the camera in Germany and I live in Sweden, my warranty works as good here as there, so the easiest way is to contact Canon directly. Smile
Im buying a canon 350D - not sure where to get the best deal - internet or in Australia. I live in Newcsstle. Chris
Im buying a canon 350D - not sure where to get the best deal - internet or in Australia. I live in Newcsstle. Chris

Chris, the best place I have found for price in Newcastle is BingLee. Shop around and then go there with cash if you can....... Rolleyes Good luck!