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Full Version: Sony DRM on Digital Cameras?
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On a similar vein of rootkits. From BBSpot:

Quote:Los Angeles, CA - Many consumers are complaining about Sony's new Cybershot DSCP515 camera that installs digital rights management (DRM) software on the person's computer so they are unable to share their digital pictures with anyone.

A Sony representative said it was part of its "increased vigilance in combating copyright and trademark infringement."
"This Cookie Monster costume is not properly licensed for photo sharing by the Children's Television Workshop. Thank goodness for Sony DRM."

"People are sharing pictures all over the Internet without regard to copyright and trademarks. Just the other day I saw a Halloween photo of a kid dressed up like Yoda. Don't they know that Yoda's image is wholly owned by Lucasarts? That behavior needs to be stopped," said Sony Vice president of Copyright Protection Clay Wilkerson.

Oh by the way, this is purely satire... funny though...
Yes but it came about becouse some new Sony software also installs a rootkit and makes those PC's vulnerable to attack. The rootkit is installed without informing the owner of the PC. If this is the case then Sony has a very large case to answer.

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