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Full Version: Wish list for Christmas?
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Hey all, can you believe it? Just under a month until that time of year again!

So what's on your list to Santa this year? Big Grin

I think I'm pretty content at the moment - got myself an early christmas pressie with the Nikon D50. I'm still waiting for my SB-600 flash to come from Nikon (via redemption)... hopefully Santa drops that off before Christmas... Big Grin
I'm listing a sigma DG 500 super and softbox for it, maybe then I will start shooting more portrait type stuff.
Does Christmas mean we don't pay for it?
Yay! I called Nikon up today and they said that my SB-600 has been posted today... should be coming tomorrow if I'm lucky.. otherwise monday. Big Grin
I'm hoping Santa finds it in his heart to put a Sigma 24-70 2.8 EX in my stocking this year. Big Grin
Uma Thurmann.

Oh by the way, the SB-600 came on Friday.. but I wasn't home so they sent it to their Depot and I have to pick it up from there, on the next business day. Doh! Sad
I finally picked it up! Hooray! My new SB-600!

I tried a few shots in a restaurant - bounce flash off the roof - and the pics turned out beautifully! Perfect! Big Grin
Congrats on the new toy!
Aren't you goint to share the pics?
I'll post them when I get home tonight... Big Grin
Some examples of bounce flash photos...

Dinner tonight, taken at a restaurant... yumm....
[Image: DSC_1292.JPG]

The back of my lovely wife's head... if that had been taken with direct flash, it would have been totally washed out due to the flash reflecting off her hair.
[Image: DSC_1267.JPG]
Congrats on the new toy Jules. Smile I had mention in another thread that I was getting a few bucks because of my hand injury. I was considering a Sigma 70-200mm f2.8 but decided to go with something that the wife and I both enjoy a lot of together. So, I ended up buying a 50" Sony Grand Wega LCD HD TV, a HD PVR Satellite system with the 160 gig hard drive, an Energy center chanel speaker and two JBL rears to finish off my home theater. It has so for been awesome! Big Grin
Wow... that's certainly different! Big Grin

Good on you for thinking about your wife's enjoyment too... Big Grin
Congrats ST!
Your pictures look very nice... I like a lot the effect... specially in the hair...

Colin, That is very sweet of you .... I am sure you both will enjoy a lot this TV, specially now that winter is here... So Congrats to you both Smile

After a long thinking my Christmas list has been reduced to one item.... My lens Big Grin... but I am totally happy... Still I don't know whether is wise to wait to see results of its behaviour in the practice or not.... but G thinks it will be a good one, and he really wants me to get it, he said it will help a lot my photography... Anyway... I am looking forward to using it in my landscape pictures...
Petographer...wotUlike?!! Big Grin
Fifty-inch telly!
Jules, glad prezzy works and you're making a meal of it already Tongue
Irma! Am sure i should know this, but what lens are you getting?? Wideangle perhaps?
My one that is coming true in the next few days is upgrading finally to CS2 Big Grin
My logic is that if a guitarist gets a Gibson in the hope of playing like Gary Moore, then surely CS2 will enable me to be Ansel Adams Wink
Yes Zig... Ansel is well known for his photoshop skills Big Grin
Zig, That is great you will have the CS2.... Congrats Smile

I'll have the Nikon DX VR 18-200mm. Smile
It is suppouse it'll be in the market at the end of December, so probably I won't have it for Christmas... but no problem, as long as I get it....
Good for you! That is some huge coverage area!
Ya, that big screen is fantastic for watching hockey in High Definition. Big Grin
a pentax 67 II but i'll settle for a 6x7 with MLU...
or should i finally make the switch to digital and gor for the D70s...
Oddly not a photo toy - but I want the Bose noise-cancelling headphones. I am traveling a lot these days and the airplane engine noise is brutal - I tried these the other day on a plane and it was like closing a refrigerator door - the noise was totally gone. A perfect travel match for my iPod.

For photo toys - I am waiting impatiently for my D200 to be released - I have a downpayment on it at my local camera store.
Bose seem to have really got their act together and redefined themselves over the past few years; good one Toad.
Hi Patch: that's really interesting re the Pentax: am sure you could get a s/h 67Mk2 for excellent price. My 67 lies rather forlorn since I went digi and i do miss its quality, its sturdiness..and the looks when whipping it out and blatting away handheld. One day, one day... I will get a decent scanner and resurrect it; I'd rather keep it than sell it for the silly price I'd get for it from a dealer.