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Full Version: New Australian Phone Scam
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If any of you have a missed call on your mobile from an 02 or 03 number you don't recognise and attempt to call it back you may want to read this thread first.


I had a missed call this morning and googled it before I rang them back and I'm glad I did.
From what I'm reading it's probably ok if you call them back (you'd only pay for a normal call to hear the recorded message). You'd only be hit if you're gullible enough to believe that you're a winner and call that 1902 number ...
Oooo... found another thread on whirlpool about the same thing...

Someone actually called the 1902 number, which ended up costing $15, and the $40 that you win is actually $40 worth of ringtones...

Quote:I just got sucked into this scam "NOT HAPPY JAN" I enter into all kinds of competitions and I really thought I won something..."dam".
The number that called me was a Sydney number 02 82190500 but it was the same thing and it just cost me $15 to win $40 worth of ringtones and wallpapers what a scam!!!